Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Freebie & A Great Deal From Key Lime Digi Design

Welcome back to The Cherry On Top!

Shoooo!  I've been blogging everyday once Friday.  Thank goodness I have your support nd such lovely, generous designers to work with!  Ha!

Key Lime Digi Design is on the hot plate!  LOL!  Hot!  Yuch!  Have seen Sandy's gorgeous goodies?!  Hello?!  She has super unique stuff.  Fabulous papers that ya just wanna decorate your house with and always an awesome ensemble of embellishments.

If you're in it for the FREEBIES, then head over to the KLDD blog and check it out!

She's got a heck of a deal going on one of my all time favourite kits, "Steam Punk World".  I got the best responses with this kit and the layouts I made with it.  I'm thrilled she's got it up for sale today and TODAY ONLY!!!

I've got a Pinterest Board for KLDD.  Just click KLDD on Pinterest and follow us!

Let's take a look at the kit.  (It's linked up to the store.)


If you are anything like me, price comes first.  This is just $3.25 and only about 2.54 Euros!  I'm tell'n ya, that's insane!  Amazing bang for your buck!

She's also got some templates where you can make some nifty hats. She made that awesome hat you see in the preview and I told her I wanted to make one, too!  Thank goodness someone finally, listened!  Hehehe...  Sweet, eh?!

Here are a few that I made.

I loved this kit so much I just kept go'n and go'n...Kind'a like this blog!  Ha!

I loved the hats so much, I had to wear one!  LOL!

I made three more layouts using some awesome old photographs from dad and his brothers.  I love scrapping these old photos!  My dad was such a cute baby!  Who'd a guessed!?

That's my uncle is in his bared threads.  Poverty that I don't even want to imagine.  My father's story is one for the books, I tell ya.  Then again, I suppose we all have one.  My uncle lived a colourful life, to say the least.  It must run in the family.  Unfortunately, he died valiantly in an effort to save a woman whom he thought he was drowning.  She survived and we will never forget this sacrifice.

There he is again.  My pops in an old, metal buggy.  What a head of hair?!  He's a handsome, auburn haired fellow, though now...a bit grey.  Hehehe...

I went as far as making wall and profile pictures with this kit.  So ya get an idea that I kind'a dig it!  LOL!

And finally....the moment you all been waiting for and deserve after suffering through this extremely long blog...YOUR FREEBIE!

OK, I did all of the leg work for this baby and it comes out perfect.  Check your printer that all of your settings are perfect and this card comes out absolutely exquisite.  I always recommend using card stock for hybrid projects.  If ya have some that is off white or ivory, this will look fabulous!

After printing, wait until it dries then fold it in half and fold it in half, again.  The card looks store bought that is until you pimp it up and add your very own sentiment for the occasion, on the inside.  Voila!

 FREE Download
Here you can see how the card's layout.
 FREE Download

Click on either preview for a direct download!

Feel free to show off yours, right here!  Link us up with a photo so we can ooh and awe!

I'll be back tomorrow with another FREEBIE.  See ya then!


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