Friday, May 9, 2014

Last Day of iNSD Freebies

Just So Scrappy!

Yes, you are?  Yes, I am!?  That is who is providing us with these TWO lovely FREEBIES I have for you, today.  The Cherry On Top has designed them.  It took me quite some time.  I almost just made the one purse tag because it took for-ev-a!  Hehehe...

I bought this kit a while back, but I keep using it and using it...I'm yet to see a more perfect kit for The Cherry!  Don'cha think?!  It's bright, fun and full of cherries!  Hehehe...

 This was my profile picture and wall photo for my FB Page TCOT a while ago.

And here is my TCOT siggy that I use all over the place.

I've got two, FREE, lovely tags that I made for you thanks to Just So Scrappy for letting me use her products.

The JSS Store  has really great prices, all of the time!  Pop around the various places where you can find more of JSS and some FREEBIES.  Like the FB Page.

Well, that's it for iNSW!  Shoooooo weeee.....  It's not it for the freebies, though. I've got them all of the time.  On my Pinterest,blog and Facebook Page.  So, be sure to go check them all out and do some serious collecting.  If you're just getting over here, then scroll back and grab all of the other FREE stuff!

Thanks for hanging with The Cherry!

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