Thursday, November 23, 2023

Black Friday's Amazing Deals on Beautiful Digital Scrapbooking Goodies for Your Holiday Crafting and Memory Keeping

Let the sales begin, Crafters!

Y'all know The Cherry's main goal is to make scrapbooking and crafting fun. We also want to supply you with beautiful, quality products at a very affordable price. Everything is getting SO darn expensive. Isn't it great to get a break once in a while? We go to an old fashion butcher whose prices are less than half of what other butchers are charging and his prices are even better than the major grocery stores! His quality is also by far, amazing. We want to be like that, too.

GingerScraps and Design Bundles is 50% off throughout Monday. On top of that I've got so many new items in GingerScraps. It'll make your head spin, but trust me! You will be very inspired! There's a wing dinger of a Grab Bag Deal that I totally recommend. Ya might not even find a better deal out there.

Design Bundles is having a super sale AND awesome membership opportunities, too. It's tough for me to imagine a designing life without my Plus membership. I'm going to show you how I use some of my recent downloads from Plus for my designs. You won't need much encouragement to get your own membership. Especially, with the introduction of Plus Partners. It's ideal for crafters and those of you who love sublimation projects.

Let me show you THE best deal you'll find, this weekend. The Ultimate Grab Bag for Christmas! You get the Vintage Christmas kit, Country Christmas kit, Cookies for Santa collection (It's Huge!) and my newest set of holiday templates, Merry Christmas for just $9.99. Holy wow, right?! That's a savings of over 70% if I did my math correctly. Insert emoji with tongue sticking out. Hehehe...

Let me show off each pack in the grab bag and a few page examples.

It's so darn pretty!

Check out the Vintage Christmas printables!

The money cards are really easy. Cut the shapes with your machine or do as pictured.

The papers are so beautiful.

I have sooo many pages from my team and the Creative Team from GingerScraps. I'll just show off a few and if ya want to see more, head over to GingerScraps and go to the product or the gallery.

Here's the Country Christmas Collection

A touch whimsy and a wood alpha of capitals.

There's a card to cut and fold, a countdown to Christmas sign, gift tags or ornaments and 6 sassy wine tags.

You'll love this super fun pack of wine tags. They are hilarious and easy to assemble. I've got a huge bundle of the wine tags in Kreative Design Studio.

funny wine tags

This is Kait's page with our Revel in Ribbons template.

Here's the Cookies for Christmas Collection.

Quick Pages

Word Art

Journal Cards

Cute Paper

Helpful Christmas printables for gifts, decorating and more.

If ya need help with the step card, keep scrolling for a tutorial.

Now on to the templates in the Grab Bag.

I asked the ladies on the team if they wanted something special and one member asked for a train. What a fantastic idea. I can't believe I haven't done one already.

These pages are really, really fun! Don'cha think?!

I'll have each of these kits and this template pack at $3.99 in GingerScraps because the shop's on sale at 50% off. So you can pick and choose the kits you like and still save 50% and get them for $3.99. That's pretty cool, right? A great price for 3 brand new kits and 4 templates. I'm also putting three HUGE template packs in GingerScraps that were in Design Bundles, last year. Let me show ya each one. The templates are so cozy and festive!

Here are some pages to inspire you from the amazing team.

These are the templates new to GingerScraps.

Here's a Free With Purchase I have for you if you spend $2 or more. Design your own snowman or snow woman with the template kit.

I used a lot of items from Design Bundles for the designs you see here, today. I really love the basic black outline shapes they offer. They give you so much freedom to design. Add textures, bevels, glitter, resize them and change them up to fit your needs.

I thought those Santas were really cute! I took the png, cartoon image and used my magic wand to separate each and every part. Then I merged the like colors. What you might get is a little bit of missing space. Simply add a stroke, use your color picker and match your stroke exactly to the color you just outlined and it will fill the space. Then simplify that layer for a permanent fix. Easy, right?

Here are a few of the products I used for this week's designs.

elf designs from design bundles
Do ya see what part I used?
He's so darn cute! Can ya see what I changed?

design bundles outlines
How about this one?
There's the sweater with a bit of tweaking.

Look at this awesome collection of clipart for the holiday!

design bundles

I used a lot of the goodies here for items in the Vintage Christmas kit.

Here's a paper I designed using one of the elements and a lot of texture as well as a grunge edge and more.

I put my Design Bundle Shop, Kreative Design Studio on sale at 50% off in case you're looking for sublimation and commercial use designs. Everything in GingerScraps is Personal Use Only.

Oh, right! The $2 Flash Sales! There is SO much to remember!

I've got 3 items for each day. Here's the one for today.

sports scrapbooking

Here's just a few pages with these templates and there are coordinating kits for the baseball and football collections.

sport scrapbooking

baseball layout

baseball template

baseball scrapbook page

football scrapbook page

football template

Just in case you really have nothing to spend because food and gas prices are wiping out your accounts and you're hoping for freebies, let me and Design Bundles help you out. Design Bundles has 1,000's of freebies. Here are a few of my favorites that I think our fans will love.

vintage papers

And here's a freebie you can find from yours truly, at Design Bundles.

free christmas scrapbooking kit

I didn't blog for Thanksgiving, but I sure am grateful for our fans. Thanks for sticking with us over all of these years. We're well over a decade at this and would not be able to have gotten so far without you. Feel free to scroll back and take advantage of all of the freebies in this blog. It's full, full, full. If ya love free templates, join us for December's Love For Layout Templates train as well as over 5 years of other trains throughout this blog. Here's a link to the last one.

Here's the tutorial for the step card. It's really easy and ya don't need any fancy tools. Just scissors. The tutorial is for a different card, but the basic assembly is the same.

step card tutorial

step card tutorial

step card tutorial

step card tutorial

step card tutorial

step card tutorial

As you can see the card here is very different than the one in GingerScraps, but the assembly is exactly the same. If you like this card better, head over to Plus and get all of the extra parts and more over there.

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Thank you for visiting The Cherry! I hope ya do it, again!