Saturday, November 27, 2021

Dollar Event at Design Bundles, A New Free Scrapbooking Template and Page Inspiration

Welcome crafters, scrapbookers and curious creatives!

Big, big things are happening as you might see by how few blog entries I've been able to eek out.  So, so sorry about that.  I'm designing full time for Design Bundles and it's leaving little time for much else.  Speaking of Design Bundles, they are having their huge Dollar Event for the next few days.

They have 18,000 designs for only ONE DOLLAR?!  Isn't that just insane?!  I already hit up the sale for two rounds.  Most of the designers have their shop on sale as well.  Y'all, Design Bundles is like no other on line store I've ever been involved with.  It's is unbelievably professional and they do it all.  Forums, community pages, the best customer service I've ever experienced, hundreds of talented designers and the shop itself is top of the line.  

Save your favorite designs, follow designers, download forever and if you try to buy the same thing twice, you'll see in the preview that you've already purchased or downloaded the product. Even in their bundles!  Isn't that awesome?!

Above, you can see my six items that are only ONE DOLLAR.  Don't forget!  These are Commercial Use items.  Of course, you can use them for Personally Use as well.  I've got a pack of wild, glittery fun animal print papers, a huge bundle of Christmas designs featuring all of the year's hippest trends like messy buns, rainbows, buffalo plaid, gnomes, vintage trucks...15 designs in total and just $1.  I've got planner templates, a huge pack of basic templates and a super versatile mockup with bonus sticker templates.

On top of the dollar deals, the shop is 50% off and there is a brand new pack of templates.

Designing for Plus members at Design Bundles has been an absolute blast.  The team is unbelievably supportive and fun to work with.  I'm designing over a dozen items every single week.  All of the usual suspects like paper packs, journal cards, elements, templates for page layouts, but also grunge edges, brushes, quick pages and layered templates to design your own scrapbooking elements.  Whoo hoo!

The resources are great for both designers, scrapbookers and crafters.

Right now, you can get this membership for SEVEN DAYS for FREE.  Pop in there, grab as much stuff as you can and get a feel for all of the awesome it is to be a member.  They total spoil their members!  Check out all of the amazing benefits they offer.  You'll really appreciate them for this and the other monthly events they offer.

Try the free Plus Membership, today!

Here's just some of what I've put in to Plus.

This little collection is totally farmhouse, country cozy with a splash of vintage and popular yet classic buffalo and other fun plaid patterns.

I'm super proud of my huge Christmas Cookies Collection.  Take a look!

Texture rich, holiday papers.

I LOVE these clusters!  They make scrapbooking insanely fast, easy, festive and fabulous.  

If you're a sublimation lover, these word art are definitely for you this Christmas.

I've designed a sweet pack of pocket cards as well as some coordinating recipe cards that included two templates.  I've always wanted to design a gorgeous scrapbook of my family's favorite menu's for my mom.  I want to include pictures, recipes and fun table anecdotes.  That would be such a nice gift, don'cha think?

I know our fans love quick pages and I love designing them.  Plus is full of fabulous ready made scrapbooking page layouts.

If you've been paying close attention, you may have noticed that I used a lot of the same colors in my Christmas designs.  This way you can get dozens of packs and coordinate them for one awesome holiday album.

Next up and definitely worth mentioning, is my Unicorn For All Seasons Collection.  It's hip, bling-a-licious, rainbow inspired and even a little magical.

Find quick pages, journal cards, beautiful word art and more. 

If you bought our, "A Reason to Celebrate" goodies, then my new, collection might interest you. I've got Wedding papers, quick pages, journal cards vertical and horizontal and more, in Plus.  There are a total of  TWENTY, really pretty cards! 

Just type in Wedding Quick Pages in the search and you'll find all 6 quick pages.  It would look pretty good, with some pages, to put them side by side, duplicate one page (without journaling) and change it horizontally for a different look and a whole new page with just a few clicks.

Your wedding scrapbook album can be made really quickly and easily this way.

Type in "scrapbooking template" and you'll see dozens of templates from me and other Plus designers.  I've been using this color palette for all of the templates so far.  This makes it easy to identify, that they are mine.

Here's my newest pack of templates in my regular shop, Kreative Design Studio at Design Bundles.  They are 50% off throughout the weekend.

Now, on to some more scrapbook page layouts from my Creative Teams I'm on, Clever Monkey Graphics found at the Sweet Shoppe and Art & Life Scraps, now found in the Digital Scrapbooking Studio.

Turkey Traditions is great for more than just Thanksgiving themes since Tracey has generously included dozens of flowers and foliage along with some other off theme elements like wine bottles and wine glasses.

I've used my newest Plus item on this page.  I designed two packs of chalkboards with wooden frames.

All of the pages are linked up to the designer's collections and kits.

Here are my pages with Art & Life Scraps designs from our gal, Cindy.

I used the Smiles template from Plus.  What do you think of my hair cut?

Yes!  I'm still playing the guitar when I can squeeze it in. It's really fun!

If you like bright, fun, unique designs, look no further than Art & Life Scraps.

And last, but not least. I'm still keeping the group afloat thanks to so many scrappy sisters sharing their pages and I did get the November challenge up.  Very late!  hehehe...  Pop over to the group, join in on the fun and follow us from there or our newsletter.

I'm curious if you'd like to receive my weekly releases of what I'm putting in Plus?  I don't want to bog down my subscribers with information, images, etc, if they are not genuinely interested in my designs there.  If enough subscribers are in fact interested, I'd consider putting out a weekly mail with preview images.  Let me know either way?  Thanks!

Here's the ELEVENTH FREE TEMPLATE this year.

Thanks for checking out the blog.  Consider joining our other social platforms, found in the side bar and or joining our mailing list.

Happy scrapping and crafting and by all means, stay healthy and optimistic!

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Christmas and Halloween Scrapbooking with Page Inspiration and Awesome Holiday New Goodies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top, enthusiastic scrapbookers.

Today's blog is full, full, full of new scrapbooking items in Plus and Kreative Design Studio.  It's full, full, full of pretty page layout inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.  We're going to just diver right in and run you through some of the newer items I've designed.  I'm putting 15 products, weekly in Plus and trying to get a products in Kreative Design Studio every week as well.  Shooo wee....that is a lot of designing!

So I found these adorable penguins in Plus and just had to design a fun winter themed pack of crafting and scrapbooking goodies.  I've got about a dozen papers that coordinate, a fun sticker sheet that'll be perfect for your holiday crafts and gift giving.  There are some cool elements in the form of arabesque ornaments, journal cards a few clusters for further decoration and design.  The journal cards and ornaments will make great tags or even ornaments for your tree.  Mix and match them all for some serious flexibility and scrap-a-licious and crafting fun!

I've put together some festive, flamingo fun designs that coordinate perfectly with our Flamazing collection found in Kreative Design Studio.  Again, there are papers, word art that'll be ideal for sublimation projects, stickers, tags...type in Flamazing in the Plus search and grab all of the packs. Grab coordinating templates and more in Kreative Design Studio.  Both of the packs of  templates are amazing.  No they are, Flamazing!

Match up the Desktop Templates with Flamazing and design super fun and whimsical page layouts.

You can scrap really fast and beautifully with clusters and a few papers.

Plus peeps are digging my Farmhouse Santa Kit!  Thanks so much if you are a part of that.  It's got a sweet vintage vibe with a versatile set of word art, clusters, elements and it really is perfect for crafters and scrapbookers.  You can whip up scrapbook layouts, cards, Christmas tags, stickers and sublimation projects in minutes.  Just look at those country style plaid papers!  I love them!

Similar to the style of Farmhouse Santa is the Holiday Designs pack.  I've got a glittery hint for festive fab and a more whimsical approach in its design.  I've got an image with some ideas on how to use it.  Again, design cards, tags, scrapbook minutes.

Here are just a few designer resources I've put in Plus.  For just one credit, you've got very useful items that you can use personally or for Commercial Use.  Typically, I give a few examples in the packs.  So you get the design that you can use over and over, any way you like and you get a few, texture rich design papers, too.

I LOVE edges!  Painted,'s all good.  Since I've designed so many for my own designs, I'm putting them in Plus for y'all to use, too.  Edges really make a paper look polished and finished.  They are a super way to give a feel of texture and introduce other colors to your design in a more subtle manner.  Give them a try and if you love them, look out for more.

My most popular item this week are these tag templates.  I use tags over and over and thought I'd also share these.  I'm also giving this page of tags in the template pack, too.  I've provided a one page psd format, a jpg format, a png page format AND hehehe....each tag, singularly in png format.  Not bad for one credit!

It took me all night to design these Skulls papers, but man they are so COOL!  Gothic and not just for Halloween either!

Theresa has played with the Adventure template and our Halloween kit.  Whoo hoo!  What fabulous pages!  I've got an entire Halloween kit in my shop as well as coordinating ultra fabulous papers in Plus.  Together they make one heck of a stunning collection.  Here are the skull papers and here is the other design pack.

The Adventure template and fun designs from Clever Monkey Graphics.

Don'cha just love Caro's page?!  I love JumpStart Designs, too!

Another page with the Big N' Little Templates and designs from Sweet Shoppe.

Oh, yay!  The collaboration with Art and Life Scraps and the Simple Squares template.

One of my favorite formats of templates, Project Life!  More from JumpStart and Caro.

Can a kit get any cuter than this?  I LOVE sushi and poke bowls!  You?

Here are this week's, new templates found in Kreative Design Studio.

Art & Life Scraps can now be found in The Studio!  Whoo hoo!

A Sweet Shoppe Collab and super cute page from Michal.  Keep your page simple to add more focus on your photos.

More from JumpStart Designs.

I love this kit from LouCee Creations.

I'm such a sucker for a train scrapbook kit!  Fun stuff from Meagan's Creations.

Awesomeness from the Sweet Shoppe.

Connie Prince Designs

Halloween is fast approaching!  I've got so much stuff in Plus and Kreative Design for it!  Here are some super fun templates.  It all coordinates!  Cool, eh!

Oooh...My Patronus kit!  Loved this one! If you ever REALLY want something that I had in my GingerScraps Shop and it is not in KDS, give me a shout and we can possibly work something out.  

Very impressive work from Felicity with a mix of goodies including our Halloween kit.

More of our kit.  Not bad, eh?!

Holy wow kit from Throwing Some Scraps Around.

I'm in love with JumpStart's kit!!!

I showed off this scrap fast gnome Christmas fun kit and got a few more pages!

If you missed these mega fun Desktop Templates, grab them now!

More from Art & Life Scraps.

Y'all!  I had tons of FREE stuff on the last blog.  Get your pretty butts back there and check it all out and download until your heart is content!  I want NO excuses for you not scrapbooking.  Hehehe...I've given you so much inspiration, wonderful items to scrap with and even free stuff.  If you're new to digital scrapbooking and want to dive in, free is the way to go.  Test the waters and give it a try.  I've got a blog and VIDEO dedicated to getting you started. There is a free template, free kit and full instructions on how to scrap digitally.

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Happy scrapping and crafting!!!