Friday, October 1, 2021

Digital Scrapbooking Weekend Is Here! So Many New Products, Scrapbook Inspiration and Freebies

Welcome, Scrapbookers and Crafters!

I'm so super thrilled you are here.  The Cherry is THE place to be for DSD and any time you need scrapbooking inspiration, tips, tricks and awesome digital designs.  We've been at this for nearly 10 years now.  Can you believe that?  We've been published several times and we even have a sweet little spot in the Top 100 Scrapbooking Blogs, too.

So make this your go-to place for inspiration, ideas and anything digital scrapbook-related.  


I've just put some new Desktop templates in the Kreative Design Studio over at Design Bundles.  That's our new home.  You'll love it over there!  They've got amazing designs at awesome prices.  An awesome community and great customer service and then some.  It's truly impressive!

Fabulous goodies from Sweet Shoppe and a great page from Jenni.

More awesome from Hilary and Sweet Shoppe.

A great page from Dorian and a sweet kit from Studio4.

More from Jenni and Sweet Shoope.

You guessed it!  More awesome from Jenni and JoCee at Sweet Shoppe.

Lisa whipped up this page with goodies from Alexis Design Studio and Key Lime Digi Design.

Oh, yeah gorgeous!  Caro and lovelies from Sweet Shoppe.

Evelynn is playing with awesome from Sweet Shoppe, too.

Gorgeous page from Felicity and goodies from GingerScraps.

A lot of fabulous from Fallen Angel and Sweet Shoppe.

Did you check out all of the different ways my ladies scrapped the binding on their pages?  Simply clip in a coordinating paper if you like.  I'd totally go for a silver style and or a bevel, puffy or thicker style for extra dimension and an even more realistic effect.

Join us in our scrap-a-licious group and grab ALL 10 FREE TEMPLATES!

Next up, we're switching gears and creeping down Spooky Street.  I've got a huge collection of fabulous Halloween goodies in Design Bundles, now.  My latest addition are these fabulous templates.  Seriously, if you just add texture and your photos, your pages will be great, right?!

My entire shop is 50% off for the weekend.  So you can get everything you see here today for a fantastic price.  Whoo hoo!

More awesome from the Sweet Shoppe and Hilary!

I'd like to take this opportunity to explain a bit about Plus membership at Design Bundles without sounding too salesy.  Yuck!  But so many people are asking and it is something totally new.  So I think it's worth the explanation.

I've got a regular shop at Design Bundles where you can just go in and buy something as you would at any digital shop.  I'm also working for Design Bundles as a Plus Designer.  Plus is a part of Design Bundles, too.  It's the "membership" part.  You've got Bronze Gold and Silver memberships with the cheapest membership being only 7.99.  

I'd encourage you to pop over there and read all of the fine details, but wow!  You can get amazing deals, services and even software usage with the Gold membership that can be amazingly useful and a totally awesome deal.

Here's another free kit you can find in Design Bundles that I designed.

Basically, you get credits according to the membership you have. With the basic membership, you get 10 credits.  Most items in Plus are 1 credit.  For now, mine are all one credit, too.  So let's say, you've got the basic plan with 10 credits and I'm putting in about a dozen products weekly.  You can get 10 of my products (or any designer's products) for just 7.99!  That's pretty insane.  Even for a cheapo like myself!

It only gets better from there.  You get credits for liking things, participating in the community and all kinds of VIP services.  We've got monthly $1 Deals.  If you miss out on them, depending on your membership, you get extra time to buy and even other special opportunities for other awesome deals.  It's totally worth it if you buy a lot of digital products. AND you can get out when ya want.  You are in no way trapped.  Also, if you don't use all of your credits, (as if) you can move them over to the next month.  Pretty cool, right?

Back to our regularly scheduled program.  Hehehe....  Here are some things I've been designing for Plus that might interest you.  It isn't everything!

Since I'm new to Plus, I'm testing the water on the styles people like there.  You'll see what I mean as we progress.  When I first started scrapping I loved designs like this, Baby Girl Collection.  I had little boys then.  So that might have something to do with it.

This collection boasts mini kits 1, 2 and 3 that have papers, element clusters and word art that makes your scrapbooking incredibly expeditious!  You can scrap a mini album in a very short time.  I've also made quick pages and got to thinking.  Sure they are great when you are short of time.  They're awesome when you really don't know "how" to scrapbook, too.  Another great aspect is when you want to give someone an album or mini and you're not sure that the receiver would really appreciate an album that you worked hours on end for, right?!  Been there.  Done that!

My Halloween goodies are doing very well in Plus so far.  Whoo hoo!  The papers posted here are my best seller so far.  Thanks so much if you are a part of the success.  If you noticed, all of these fantastic Halloween scrapbooking goodies coordinate with the free kit I designed for Design Bundles.  Whoo-hoo!  That means you can scrap for hours and you can definitely scrap an entire album when you use our quick pages 1,2, 3, and 4, which are not even shown here but are also doing well in Plus.

They feature some seriously cute witchy animals and a haunted house.  They might be worth a look-see.

Below, you'll see the Haunted House quick pages, Haunted House papers, fabulous extra paper pack, templates from the regular shop and that free kit.

Here are a few fun Halloween page layouts to inspire you.

Here's a coordinating freebie for you.  If you love it, get more coordinating goodies from Plus.

Next up are products that might interest designers and scrappers that love to customize. For Plus, I can only use items from Plus and things that I totally make myself.  Shoo!  So, I have to get in there and do a lot of raw designing.  I figured, if I can't find it in Plus then maybe others designers need it as well.  So when I design something unique, I put it in the shop for other designers.

These paint splatters are super versatile.  You can erase parts ya don't want or need.  You can totally clip in any paper over them and just go nuts making them yours. I've started a line of design papers, too.  Dots, hearts, starsscalloped, starbursts and much more to come. 

Plaids are always in style and they are perfect for the holidays.  Since I needed a bunch for the papers I'm designing, I put together all of my plaid papers so far in this huge bundle.  It's on sale for 50% off, too.  The plaids are very versatile and texture rich.

To keep things a little shorter, I've got another preview of the paper packs I've put in Plus.  Which one do you like best?  I think those Basic Blacks will take you very far in your designs and scrapbook pages. I'm totally digging the retro vibe in the Dots Delight papers and I just go gah gah over Christmas.  I was asked to make Christmas papers and specifically, glittery Christmas papers.  The country, vintage rose papers aren't too shabby either.  I needed a touch of spring in my life at that point.  Hehehe...

Another collection I've spent a lot of time on is Pumpkin Spice Latte.  OH, boy!  The colors are just so awesome.  Warm and cozy like your favorite wooly socks, a cup of coffee and cool like the fresh air outside this time of year.  I've got 3 paper packs, specialty papers, quick pages 1-6, clusters, word art, stickers, elements...Just type in" Pumpkin Spice Latte" in the search and check it all out.  This is just some of the collection.

Totally scrap-a-licious!

Here's a coordinating goody I gave to subscribers.  It pays to get our newsletter. If you love it, head over to Plus and grab more wonderful fall scrapbooking elements.  Don't miss out on the next freebie for newsletter recipients.

If you are here for the blog train, here is your free template.  It'll go super with our Pumpkin Spice Latte Collection.  Enjoy the free template!

You came from Promethean Concepts and next is AnnieC Digitals.

Theresa used our free Halloween kit and the plaids for her page.  Wonder-fall!

Switching gears just a bit for you scrap-a-holics.  Hehehe...This is my page inspiration with collections and collaborations from Clever Monkey Graphics.  You can find her amazing products at Sweet Shoppe.

September Story from Clever Monkey Graphics

Pie Season From Clever Monkey Graphics and WendyP

Heebie Jeebies from Clever Monkey Graphics and Erica Zane

Hike Into Autumn from Clever Monkey Graphics and Blagovesta

If you made it this far, THANKS!  That is totally awesome!  I hope you could enjoy all of the page inspiration and the free stuff.  If ya just loved what ya saw, join us in our scrap-a-licious group, all of our wonderful social spots which you can find up top in the sidebar and consider joining our newsletter.

Scrap happy with The Cherry and Kreative Design Studio.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Last Chance To save 70%, a Free Halloween Scrapbook Kit and Ideas for Scrapbook Pages for Halloween

This is your last chance!

If you love my templates, this is your last chance to grab them at GingerScraps. I've got a small selection at Design Bundles, but it will grow.  Promise!  Today is the last day to save 70% at GingerScraps.  

A big thanks to those of you who are taking advantage of this awesome deal!

How's this for an awesome FREEBIE?!  Pop over to Design Bundles and grab this festive fun Halloween kit.  If you like it, I've put several coordinating goodies in Plus.  The extra paper pack is pretty awesome.  I even got a pat on the back from the shop owner!  Hehehe...

I've designed 4 quick pages and that extra paper pack and each are just one credit.  Whoo hoo! You'll be able to scrap SO fast!

Give me some love while you are over there by hearting my designs and following me?  I'd really appreciate that and it's a great way to say, "thanks for all of the free stuff".

The extra papers.

Theresa used my Day of The Dead Templates

Simply Stacked Templates are in Design Bundles at 50% off!

Use our goodies for your halloween favors, stickers, treat bags, invitations...

You'll be seeing these templates very soon!  Stay tuned!!!

This free kit will look totally awesome on our treat bags!

Did you miss the other freebies?!  Here they are!

It is essential that you know, you must follow my link from here because these are NOT FREE in my shop.  So use the special link I gave ya and get it for FREE!
So, yes!  My shop at GingerScraps is closing and this is really important because it is highly likely that you will never see these templates again. Maybe! I might put a few in Kreative Design Studio, but I'm not sure.  So if there is ANY template ya want, you have to get it this week!  You may never see it again.  I thought the 70% off would help!  Hehehe...Ginger things I'm nuts, but I just love and appreciate my fans and want to thank y'all for supporting me at GingerScraps.

Design Bundles is also a super, super awesome shop!  I hope you give it a try because it is totally up to date.  They have THE best customer service and of course, they have so much to choose from.
I designed 6 packs of texture rich plaids, including buffalo plaids that will be so ideal for fall and Christmas.  They are ALL on sale at 50% off!  I threw them all into one big bundle, just in case you are a plaid addict.  I used a fairly vintage color palette for all of them.
Check Out Kreative Design Studio

September Challenge!

Y'all!  Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherry and Kreative Design Studio through all of these changes.  Hopefully, the changes are like those of a butterfly?!  Just getting better and better!

Take care and happy crafting!