Friday, August 23, 2019

Happy Trails Travel Themed Digital Scrapbooking Templates and a Free Journal Card

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I don't know about you, but I'm so bummed to see the summer on its way out.  Belgium and Germany doesn't exactly have the greatest weather and I so love the long, warm, sunny days.  Putting away the sandals and bringing out the boots totally brings me down, but these new templates brightened my day and I hope they do the same for you.

Thanks to some fabulous Commercial Use products from Wishing Well Creations and GS Creations, I could make some really fun, large shaped templates for you.  I had such a great time designing these, that I made an extra one.

Keep reading to see how I and my fabulous team used the templates and check out my, off the page idea with them as well.  It's in the form of a freebie

The first four pages I've done myself.  I couldn't wait to play with ALL of them.  They will make a totally awesome travel album, paired up with some of our other goodies.

Goodies from the Sweet Shoppe.

I knew that when I designed this page, it would be THE one that most of the ladies would play with and I was right.  That never happens!  Hehehe...It seems, I'm not the only one who is just crazy about notebook style pages.

We've got two packs of planner/notebook themed templates and I designed another pack that will be hitting the shop soon.

 Planned Tempaltes

 Planned Again

I may have went a little nuts with my next page.  In Belgium, scooters are used a lot.  My hubs has one and I used to ride around one as well.  I've got my eyes out for an electric model for in the near future. I used Paty Greif's kit, Flamingos for my page.

 Happy Trails Templates

I used Puffy Styles to get this more dimensional look of my scooter.  These are recent pictures of silly ole me in our visit to Beilstein, Germany.  It's only a few minutes away from our place, but we never stopped there.  Boy, was it worth the trip.  It's tiny, but beautiful and there is a ruin of a castle at the top of the mountain (that you have to climb) with a look out tower and a restaurant where I could most pleasantly indulge in a Paulaner from the tap.  Mmmmm...

That's me enjoying the hike back down the mountain after a liter of beer.  Hehehe...

 Happy Trails Templates

If this collection looks familiar it's our collaboration, Adventure Awaits with Made By Keuntje and Throwing Some Scraps Around.  There you can see the castle ruins, stunning views and the hubs and I.  The airplane is all mine.  Whoo hoo!  I simply added an outline and a few basic shapes over the cooking cutter shaped airplane in PSE.  I thought with the map background and map design on the plane, it kind of blended nicely.  You might choose to decrease the size of the plane and increase the size of the notebook with pictures.

 Happy Trails Templates

The suitcases are also all mine.  I'm ok with the results.  To make the funky beetle a little more Cherry, I added the roof rack and suitcases.  I used On The Road from Kim Cameron Designs.  That's my oldest and his best friend on the way to the south of France a few years ago.

You can move the word art all around your page and change up the colors and outlines with patterns or whatever you choose.  I kept it all separate for the most versatility for you.

Most talented Cindi played with our templates.  She used goodies from Just Because Studio.  You can find them at Gingerscraps.

 Happy Trails Templates

Jarmila turned the template into a more, classic look.  Simplette's goodies shown here.

 Happy Trails Templates

 Happy Trails Templates

I just love the school twist Hilary gave her page with the template using goodies from Meagan's Creations at the Sweet Shoppe.

 Happy Trails Templates

Rachelle from Bits N' Pieces used a cute kit, too.

 Happy Trails Templates

Tia gave it a more traditional twist.  Can't ya just feel the paper?  Melissa Lerin's kit, Kenya.

 Happy Trails Templates

Tammy worked her magic with goodies from the Sweet Shoppe.

 Happy Trails Templates

Let's just say this is a sneak peek of something coming from us, very soon.  Theresa scrapped it up.

 Happy Trails Templates

 Happy Trails Templates

Ngoc is showing off Amanda Yi's and Wendy P, Around the world.  Most appropriate a match! 

 Happy Trails Templates

This is my last page and I wanted to show you another idea for these templates.  Since the shapes are so large and kind of the feature, you could manipulate them singularly and make your own Personal Use elements for your pages.

I used Aimee Harrison's beautiful collection Tree of Life.  You can grab it at Gingerscraps.

 Happy Trails Templates

I simply scaled down the globe and fit on this 3x4 journal card.  I wanted to play with the concept of actually using the template for the flowers and leaves.  Tammy used actual flower and leaf elements on her page, way up there.  She also changed up the journaling.  Just think how beautiful your globe will be!

 Free Journal Card, Happy Trails and Tree of Life

Here is the free journal card.  Simply click on the preview to download and enjoy!

I hope you'll take advantage of the special price for these FIVE templates.  It's discounted for one week only.  

Feel free to jump over to our group if you have any questions about the pages or digital scrapbooking in general.  The ladies over there are super happy to help.  If you're curious about digital scrapbooking, we can get ya started in a matter of minutes and for free!  Find out how on this blog entry and join our scrapalicious group.  We'd love to see you there.

Thanks for hanging with The Cherry.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Cut Above The Rest Scrapbooking Templates and Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

As usual, we've got quite a lot on tap this week.  New templates, page inspiration, freebies, tips, tricks and other fabulous scrap-tastic news.

It's starting to cool down, here in Germany.  A little too much for the kids and Mother Nature appears to be making up for all of those dry days as well by deluging us in rain, rain, rain.  Either way, I'm so glad it's not winter and I cringe at the thought of the fast approaching fall.  Not only for the less happy weather, but then the boys have to go back to school.  Another cringe worthy subject.  Hehehe...

Oh!  I was just thinking this morning, with coffee that I'd show off our School Rules goodies as well as our First Day Last Day freebie we offered awhile ago, just incase you missed it all and want to document your school images, planners, etc.

Above are our School Rules templates and kit.  Below is the coordinating template and an add on.


The template was so much fun to scrap!  You can see I just added a few bits.

The templates are so easy to follow and I've even designed quick pages for the printable pack.

 Keep your elements on the large size and you can scrap really fast!

The printable collection is so great for teachers and for planner lovers, too.  Check out the four quick pages in the image, below.

 There are also papers to print in the printable pack.

The journal cards are very encouraging.  They would be a nice token to give a child/student who might be having a difficult time.  As a teacher, I learned a crucial tip.  Often, it's best not to "say" anything.  Just a look or a slide of a note says more than any words.

If you've got teens that are looking for a more adult, representative style of planner printables and stickers, then consider our coordinating Optimism printables.

 Optimism Planner Printables

Here is the link for the First and Last Day, free printables.

 Free Printable

Back to our regularly scheduled program!  

Here are this week's new templates.  I've got a coupon for you, too!   Save exclusively!  TCOTCUT30  Use this code to save on the new templates.

 Cut Above The Rest

I saw a traditional page awhile ago where they used a cut out technique and I thought it was pretty cool.  You could put papers or pictures in there and I have provided extra photo spots in the larger cut out spaces.

We'll start off with one of my pages and some pictures we just took on our visit to Beilstein, Germany.  It sure is a beautiful village!  If you are ever perusing the Mosel or Rhein Rivers, pop over our way and take a look.  If quaint villages are yo' thang, you will really love this region.

Houses from the 1300's, ruins, castles galore, delicious food, fair prices, very bike and pedestrian friendly as well as clean, clean, clean.  The beer ain't too bad either.

Before I forget!  I want to let you know, I'll be designing another Travel Notebook pack of templates and will share the finished album from this trip to Beilstein.  If you missed our first album, click here.

Isn't LouCee's new kit, A Sweet Surprise so cute?!  It has a party kind of theme, but as you can see, you can totally use it for the everyday and despite the pink, it's totally doable for dudes, too.  Find her new kit at GingerScraps.

 Cut Above The Rest

I want to show you a few different ways you can change up these templates.  Here, I ditched the background/frame.  It's a little less busy, in my opinion.  I might also mentioned that I preferred a more plain photo, like me being silly down there.

 Cut Above The Rest

Here, I outlined the frame, left the original "paper" for it. I liked the crumpled paper look.  I added that nifty, gold design to the frame and put the gold mandala in a few boxes.  See what I mean about a more plain photo?  I thought these photos of my peonies were plain, but when I clipped them in, my page screamed at me, TOO BUSY!  Hehehe...So consider that as you're scrapping these new templates.

 Cut Above The Rest

Here's a lighter example.  I quite like this example as well. I used our FREE Because Collection from the group.  If you've missed this, go to the "Photos" area of the group and check out each month's challenges and get the links to free kits, templates, word art, journal cards and yip!  It's ALL FREE!

 A Cut Above The Rest

Let's see what my amazing team have done with Cut Above The Rest templates.

If I must mention, I do not think my template are a cut above the rest.  I very often use word play when naming my templates.  Hehehe...

Tammy gal has scrapped up more sensational pages for us.  I just drool over her work.  These goodies for both pages can be found in The Lily Pad.

 Cut Above The Rest

You can leave the background in a plain/solid color and it will bring down the busy.

 Cut Above The Rest

Or try what Cassie has done.  She used busy, fun papers for the boxes and more plain, subtle design paper over the top, then scrapped on top of the template for a great result.  All The Happy Things is what she used.  Find it in the Sweet Shoppe

 Cut Above The Rest

Some pages from Hilary...

 Cut Above The Rest

She used more goodies from the Sweet Shoppe.

 Cut Above The Rest

Ngoc used Thaliris goodies.

 Cut Above The Rest

Jarmila used Butterfly Designs.

 Cut Above The Rest

Rachelle from Bit's N' Pieces made such a pretty, bright page with Aimee Harrison Designs.

 Cut Above The Rest

Wait until ya see what Theresa has done with the templates.  You are SO going to love it!

She kept the papers plain and simple and it blends more like a background.  I think it looks super.

And's just "Eek!" worthy.  I love how she used the cut outs.  So, so cute!  The doggies popping out of the spots are just adorable. You may recognize the collection, Ruff Life.  Find it in Gingerscraps.

Keep an eye out for some new projects to come like our second Travel Journal and a garden keeper/planner journal as well.  There's so much I want to do and not enough time!  Hehehe...

Thanks for hanging with The Cherry and as always, happy scrapping!

Saturday, August 3, 2019

A Love For Layout Templates Blog Train of Freebies and a Sale, too!

Welcome to The Cherry On Top, hoppers!

We are thrilled to have ya.  Your timing couldn't be more perfect.  We're having our last sale of the summer this week so you are just in time to get our newest goodies and or some popular classics in the Kreative Design Studio.

Why not get something nice to drink, make yourself comfortable and enjoy today's blog?  It's full of beautiful and inspiring page layouts, tips, videos, links and even more fabulous free stuff.  Enjoy!

 Kreative Design Studio

Kits, Collections, templates, cuttables, printables...It's ALL on sale through Sunday.  Take advantage of these amazing savings.

 Blog Train

A most wonderful scrappy sister showered me with glowing complements the other day and asked how I keep coming up with all of these ideas for kits and templates.  Through my blushing, I explained that I look at nearly everything with templates and other creative ideas in mind.  A gorgeous nature scene, a beautiful sun rise, a pretty card, a tattoo, advertising, an imperfect yet perfect smile...Inspiration really is everywhere.

I thought there might be some disgruntled fans of dog lovers so I whipped up a dog template with the same concept in mind.  He's so darn cute, too!  You'll find him along with two other templates in the Kreative Design Studio.  If you follow the templates literally, you'll have super gorgeous backgrounds.  Use your own digital papers or supply the representation with actual elements.  Ya gotta love the flexibility of templates.  I just mentally turned that third one 45 degrees to the left and loved that format, too.  Hehehe...

Take a look at some examples from my incredibly awesome team.

 Gypsies Templates

Keep scrolling to get the links for the free template!
I'm holding you hostage for just a bit.

These are our newest templates in the shop.  Also on sale!  Scroll further for lovely pages.

Take a peep at Kim's beautiful page!  She used some of the elements from the template and added a lot of her own.  I love what she did with her picture of Carlo.  So tell me, dog or cats?  For me, definitely cats.

 Gypsies Template

The main thing I love about scrapbooking are the photos and how cute is this one?  The wood look matches Poppa just perfectly.  The color pop makes it very striking.

Gypsies Templates

This one is mine, too.  I bet you recognized me and my hair.  Hehehe...Good Lord, I just had it cut in the spring.  This is Key Lime Digi Designs kit, When Pigs Fly.  Isn't it so fab?!  Not the most flattering of pictures.  Hehehe...

I made a video showing you how to turn the third template into a paper.

 Gypsies templates

Look carefully at the filling in the kitty.  You can always keep the feline plain or use a design paper if your prefer.

 gypsies templates

Theresa's take on the template has a very traditional feel.  The white, contrasting background makes the word art really stick out, too.
 gypsies templates

Jarmila always gives her pages extra oomph through the use of shadowing.  She keeps them light and high, high, high.  I like the natural, picture like feel of her page.

 gypsies templates

This one is mine.  I went back to the Side By Side collection from Kristin Cronin Barrows and pulled out just some of the colors.

 Gypsies templates

 Gypsies templates

Once you've downloaded this template, make it totally yours by customizing it to fit your needs.  Ngoc, ditched the design in the center of her heart and clustered it up beautifully.  What will you do with this template?  Personally, I can't wait to play with the design on the inside.

 Gypsies Templates

Theresa often has a very traditional look to her pages and she often does double pages because like a good, savvy scrapper, she prints out her pages.  Hehehe...

 Gypsies Templates

 Gypsies Templates

Here are a few pages using our other new pack of templates in the shop, Summer Fun.

Can ya guess which team member did this page?  If you guessed Jarmila, then you would be correct.  This page is so awesome. It totally blends yet totally contrasts with the use of blue and yellow.  What a great idea!

 Summer Fun Templates

Here's my page. I couldn't wait to get back to LouCee Creations kit, Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun found at Gingerscraps. It is so darn cute.  I went ahead and purchased the Commercial Use she used from GS Creations.  It's so cute!

 Summer Fun Templates

 Summer Fun Templates

Ngoc used the glasses in a different manner than Jarmila.  Jarmila clipped a photo in the spot.  Ya might wanna go back and check out the kind of photo she used to achieve the look properly.  It isn't all that easy.  It needs to be a long picture with significant background to work best.  I did a page a long time ago with a big pair of sunglasses and used a kind of glass/plastic effect on them to give them a realistic look.
Summer Fun Templates

There's my page with the realistic effect.

Recognize the toes?  'Cause that would be weird.  Hehehe...They are mine and so are the goodies.  It's our Soak Up The Sun collection.  Also on sale.

I often hit up the internet when I'm in need of cool titles and or journaling and even search my expansive (cough) digital collection.  This came from a journal card from a kit from Paty Greif and I loved it.  Being raised in Florida, flip flops are my everything and this summer I could wear them for months.  Whoo hoo!

 Summer Fun Templates

I won't hold you hostage as long this time, but if you keep on scrolling, you can check out more beautiful page inspiration and find out how to get yet another free template in our totally scrap-a-licious group and just so ya know, this blog is full of FREEBIES.  Scroll way back or check out our board on Pinterest, TCOT Freebies.  I can't promise they will all work, but it might be worth your while.

You may have just come from Two Worlds.  Your next stop is with Jodi at Throwing Some Scraps Around.  If ya get lost or need the list, pop over to the group. It is Pinned to the top. Enjoy the rest of the hop and thanks so much for stopping by The Cherry. You've made my day!

 Throwing Some Scraps Around
 Two Worlds 

We have a lot of fun in our group.  Posting our pretty pages from any designer and even a few traditional pages and projects, too.  I did a Throw Back Thursday post and when we had 20 old pages posted from our group members, I gave away this template.  We get into all kinds of scrappy chatter and answer questions you might have about digital scrapbooking.  Join us!  This template is still available until Monday.  Pop over and grab it while you can, by clicking on the image.

 TCOT Group
              Free template in the group.

This page shows off the total awesomeness of our Planned templates.  Our first pack was so popular I made a second and I've even got a third pack on tap.  So if you've already purchased the first and second, hold on to your hats for the third.  I might like them even more than the first two.

 Planned Again Templates

 Planned Again Templates

 Planned Templates

I've got a new page from Hilary using our Ecstatic templates.  It's all on sale in the shop through Sunday at 40% off so you don't wanna miss!



All of our kits and collections are also on sale.  Ngoc went back and played with our pretty, Ethereal scrapbooking kit.  How beautiful?!


 Ethereal Scrapbooking Kit

I'm showing off a fantastic collection from my gal Aimee Harrison and our Green Thumb templates.  Of course, they are also 40% off and they might just be the perfect fit with our Summer Fun templates for you to design and print an album of your summer.  I'm considering sharing my garden journal/planner and designing goodies for you to print and add to your very own garden planner.

I do NOT have a green thumb.  As a matter of fact, I have no idea what I'm doing in the garden.  Hehehe...My neighbors, in Germany often let me know when I need to cut.  Hehehe...  I don't have a sizable patch of land in a sunny patch prepared for gardening so I put all of my seeds and a few plants, in pots.  I'll save all of the details of my gardening experience for another blog when I show off the templates and project.

Find Aimee's beautiful collection at Gingerscraps.

Another fab collaboration from Aimee and Tammi Miller is, No Drama, Llama and you are so going to love this one.  It's so much fun!  You can find it at Gingerscraps as well.  I paired the collaboration up with one of my favorite packs of templates, that I often go back and use, Got Your Back.  I love the backgrounds they provide for your pages and the flexibility, too.

This is a high school friend of mine and her amazing doggie.  Aren't they a blast?!  No!  I did not photoshop that crazy hair either.  Hehehe...

 Got Your Back Templates

 Got Your Back template

If you are following along with my niece's wedding album, I've been plugging away this week and want to finish it up in the next days.  I'm on page 28!  Here are just a few I did this week.

Look how tall the groom is!

The journal card came out really cool for this one and I designed another wood paper to fit the wood of this building.  Hehehe...I did not use templates for these two.

Here's the Paper Pieces template.  I inserted the original photo and then extracted the ladies and truck and put it over the photo for added dimension and something different.  I'm not great at extractions, but hopefully, an untrained eye will not notice.  Hehehe...

 Paper Pieces

I'm more than grateful for all of my templates with multiple photo spots!  I think I used all of them.  This one is Fabulous Photos.

I'm going to try and put a video together when the album is totally finished.

 Fabulous Photos templates

Wow!  Look at you!  You made it to the end.  Hehehe...  Thanks so, so much for your visit.  I hope you choose to visit our shop and leave a comment to show your appreciation.  I'd love to see what you do with the free template or any of our products.  Post any of your lovely pages in our group and stay tuned for more special exclusives, challenges, daily freebies and overall scrappy fun, there.

Have a super scrappy weekend!