Friday, April 24, 2015

The Versatility Of Digital Templates And Some Free Ones

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've got another scrappy edition for you where we will be focusing on templates and how to use them in different ways.  We've got some super scrapbooking kits to high light, links to free goodies as well as a new, free template for our wonderful fans.

With a recent acceptance on two digital scrap teams specialising in templates, we thought we'd show off some less conventional ways to use templates so that you can get a lot of use out of yours.

Templates are also CHEAP!  Seriously, you can pick up templates for $1 and get really good deals on bundles of them.

This first layout is showing off the free template we have for you as well as the newsletter freebie from Mscraps and HeatherT.  Read further to find out more.

Cute, eh?  Click on the image of the preview and go grab it!

 mscraps freebie

Here's another layout using MagsGraphics, Praise kit and showing off Brenian's new templates, Sweet Days.  I've got a couple of screen shots to demonstrate more of what we did here.


This is Magsgraphics new kit, Praise.  It's linked up!

Here's the template in it's original state.  I'm a super weird aesthetic freak and perhaps a bit obsessed with 45 degree angles.  "If it's not a right angle, it's WRONG!"  Hehehe...  That's what's so great about templates.  You can delete anything you don't want, nudge, enlarge, rotate, mirror...

Check out the changes.  Pretty much just turned it upside down and took the two smaller background pages and used them to layer up the photo.

Here we have another layout using a template from Brenian Designs.  See how we changed this one.


Two pictures instead of three, cluster to the left instead of the right and the title at the top instead of the bottom.  Get a different view and use your favourites templates again and again when you change them.


Templates are a great way to get started on a project or layout when you're not really sure how to.  You can also use templates as a type of sketch.  If you eyeballing skills are lacking or your balance is out of whack, then templates are great for you.

Here's a super, awesome free template that you can grab at Gingerscraps.  Just So Scrappy whipped up this handy card/hybrid template and it's great!  You can click on the image to get to Gingerscraps where it is available in the forum under challenges.  (Hybrids start off on the computer and end up on paper!)


And here is how we used it.  We kept the basis of the template just the same, but enlarged one of the picture spot layers and inserted a journal card, then covered up the lines with another piece of paper, added a sentiment and kept the cluster in the corner.

The Cherry On Top is all about free and next to nut'n.  This pretty card was made with a free template and a free mini from ADB Designs that's available at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio's, Colour Challenge.  Head over there every month and grab the amazing free stuff they offer in their monthly challenges.

Here's another free template I picked up from the very generous, AK Designs.  You can find it on her FB Page.  As you can see, my layout is pretty different than the original.  Especially, at the bottom.



The above layout is using Boomersgirl Designs kit, Love My Ride.  Click on the image to check it out.

The layout below is actually half of a double layout template from Boomersgirl Designs.  We changed it up a lot, too.  Take a look at the original further down.


This layout was made using the bottom example.  Just a few similarities, but it got me started on a nifty layout and the above layout was made with Wild Wild West.  A favourite!


THIS TEMPLATES IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  Make sure you are following us so you don't miss out on the freebies.

This is the free template we've got for you.  It's simply a cluster frame that you can use again and again on your projects and in your layouts.  Move the cluster to a different corner, mirror all of the layers, whatever you like.  Enjoy the versatility of templates.

 free download

Thanks for stopping by The Cherry.  Now, get scrappy!

All of the items you see on this blog are for personal use only and are not to be sold or claimed as your own. :)

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