Friday, April 3, 2015

Fabulous Free Paper Apron Project

Welcome to The Cherry On Top!

We couldn't wait to bring this fun, easy, fast and low cost paper project to you.  Seriously, the laminate is still warm as I'm typing.  Hehehe...This project can be made within an hour and you only need a couple of materials.

We wanted a place where you could put all of our recipe cards and keep them handy or give them as a gift. (Scroll down to the bottom to get the free recipe cards.) We designed this rigid, stand alone apron with pocket to hold your recipes.  You can also hang it up and/or it will stack nicely with your other recipes, too.

Materials Needed:

recipes printed in a small format to fit in pocket (around 4")
thinnest, double sided tape or glue
buttons 2x
ribbon  approximately 4"
glue dots, gun or adhesive

Down load the template at the bottom of the page.  You can simply print it right out from here or you can click on the image and download or download the tif version available at app box also for free and design your apron like we did here with your favourite digital stash.

I used my go to kit from Just So Scrappy, With A Cherry On Top.  Isn't it absolutely fabulous?  It's an older kit, but I use it all of the time.  Click on the image to get a closer look and see more goodies in this line.  It's available at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio.


Tip:  Make sure when you print you get it just the size you need.  This template worked just perfect.  Hopefully, you won't have to make adjustments.

You may want to ink around the edges of your apron.  As you can see I made two cut outs so I can stand it up like a book.  You won't need two if you are going to hang it. For edging, simply take an ink pad and wipe around the edges.  It will give a more finished feel to your projects.  I inked around both.

Laminate both of your pieces separately and your recipe cards.  This will add to the durability, you won't have to use card stock and it's ok if it gets wet.

Carefully cut around all of your laminate.  Do not cut into the paper, just before it.

Play with your pocket placement before adhering so you get in the right spot.  You may choose to make a small mark to get it right in the centre.  I used that super thin double sided tape on the three, outside edges of the pocket, leaving the top open and getting as close as possible to the edge so that there is maximum room in the pocket for your recipes.

Adhere the two apron cutouts at the top of the apron.  I used the thin double sided tape.

Look carefully and you'll see how I applied a large, flat glue dot right on to the button to adhere the ribbon.  This makes the alignment perfect and it's so easy, right?!

You may also choose to cut around the paper of your glue dot so you don't have to drag the entire roll.  This makes for much better accuracy.

Put another glue dot right over the top of the end of your ribbon so that the ribbon will be sandwiched in between the two glue dots.

Place your button on top of each glue dot, covering the end of the ribbon.

You're finished!  This card is so sturdy, it stood up no problem with this spoon against it.  You may insert your recipe cards as shown here or you can insert them horizontally as well.  They fit both ways.  You could go a tab bit larger with your recipe cards if you put them in vertically.

Hanging your apron is also an option. (Then you will not need two cut outs.) Ooh!  Hang it on a bottle of wine and use it as a tag.  Of course you could print the template out small and use them as a tag.  You could sew around the edges, too.  Customise until your heart is content with ribbon, stitches, buttons, flowers, fabric...

Here is the template.  Simply adjust the size as you wish, print and cut it out or use the tiff version with the link provided to insert your paper/background of your choice and digital elements.

 free download

Wasn't that so easy?!  Enjoy the free template.  Remember it's for personal use only.  Do not sell it as your own and please share the link of the blog.  Thanks!

If you're looking for those free recipe cards check here, here (there are 2), here
are also two, here, here and here. That's 8 delicious, healthy and easy recipes.

Happy crafting!

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