Saturday, August 31, 2013

Our Trip To Bernkastel

Hey there fans, friends and family!

My hubby and I recently took a trip to Bernkastel, Germany (along the Mosel River).  I thought I would share some photos with you so you can see just how gorgeous this village is!  Keep scrolling.  I felt like I was in Epcot, only it was even cleaner, the food was good and it was a LOT cheaper.  Hehe...

First, the sign.  It says, "Fell" which I thought was strange because my granny's parent's name was Von Fell.  This place was in walking distance to where we were staying.  My mind was wondering...

This was our hotel room.  It was large and immaculate.  That is part of the reason I like going to Germany.  It's almost always clean.

The view from our very large balcony.

Me on the balcony with a glass of local wine.

This is Bernkastel.
If you know what this thing is, do tell.  To me it looked just like a tiny humming bird.  It had the beak of one and it flew just like a humming bird.

Drooling at the baker.  I only got a pretzel!

I would suppose that this is why it is called Bern (Kastel) or castle.  It is just ruins.
I loved this one!
Tom's grand dad used to make wooden shoes.
I just really liked this door.
Riding along the Mosel.

That's it!  Thanks for taking a peep!  Share the name of some of the prettiest places you have visited so we can check them out.


  1. Great pictures, looks like you had a great I am jealous and want to go back to Germany. Some day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You got it! Haven't been seeing you much. Thought it would be a cool way to touch base.

  3. a beautiful place,that i would love to visit later.
    thanks for sharing.