Saturday, February 25, 2023

Challenge #4 in The Cherry On Top's Scrap-A-Thon is Hugely Inspiring

Welcome, savvy scrappers.

We are starting to get dug into this Scrap-A-Thon.  If you are starting to feel the pressure, take a deep breath and remind yourself, it's supposed to be fun.  There really isn't a rush. I'm throwing out all of these challenges, but you've got until March 26th. Pace yourself and enjoy the ride. The deadlines won't matter to you if you're not in it for the prizes. If you're here for all of the free stuff, then pay close attention. I won't be able to leave the free stuff up forever.

Can ya guess what the 4th Challenge is? Yes! IT'S THE LARGE TITLE CHALLENGE.  I've got some inspiration for ya.

large title
Sunny Summer Template. Find it at GingerScraps.

Don't be afraid to keep it simple!

beach template
Escape Template available in GingerScraps.

Felicity's page totally cracked me up. My kind of page. My kind of title and definitely my kind of beer. Served in a large frosty mug. Yes, and thank you!

happy hour templates
Happy Hour Template

If you follow our Pinterest, you may know that this is my most Pinned and shared Pin. It's laughably simple! Darn it! Doesn't it always turn out like that?! Titles will have more pop when you add an outline and some thin, intense shadows.

large title challenge
One of my most popular templates.  Find it in Plus.

Get creative with your large titles. Don't shy away from letting them take over your page. Especially when your photos are part of it. Use your FREE one month GOLD membership at Plus and grab as many of my templates as ya can.

summer scrapbooking
This fun template can be found in Plus.

large title challenge
Find the template in Plus.

I let my pretty background paper take over the page, above and I blended in the large title. The contrasting yet complementing, thin outline lets it just barely standoff the page and it's not the biggest feature of the page. My photos pop thanks to the white shirt, black film strip and the thin, blue lines that help give them definition. The lines match my glasses and some tiny accent color in the amazing background. This way my photos match really well with the page.  Introduce those colors and combine them all for a cohesive page.

large title template
Another template found in Plus.

Y'all know I love my boy pages! The goodies are from JoCee.

love letters template
Love Letters Template found in GinerScraps.

Love Letter Templates were such a cool and unique idea.  Get the templates and you'll have some very original pages.

say it template
Just Say It! Template found in Gingerscraps.

My goodness, the above page is so stunning!  I love the outline on the word moment and the bevel looks amazing. What a way to make it pop!

say it template
Just Say It! Template found in Gingerscraps.

school template
School Rules goodies are available at GingerScraps.

You can keep your pages rather simple when you use large titles.  Especially when you pair them up with a very large picture.  Hehehe...

love letters template
Love Letters Templates at GingerScraps.

large title template
Green Thumbs Template

Though Tea Time were not my most popular templates. I still think they are WAY fabulous. They took me so long to design and they certainly give one heck of a unique look. How many pages have you seen like this?! I gave my bear a beveled look and would have loved to have given him texture, but my skills were lacking.

big bear template
Super fun Tea Time Templates in GingerScraps.

large titel template

I bet you've got the idea of what I'm looking for. You can totally use templates for these challenges.

If you don't have one well, guess what?  I just thought I'd throw one in for ya, too.  This is from the Love Bug Collection.  It comes from the template pack XXX. Make sure ya don't already have it.

free template

Remember to put your page in the album in our group in order to win prizes.  Thanks so much for playing along. I hope you're enjoying the event so far. We'll see ya soon.

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