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So Many Crafty and Delicious Mason Jar Ideas

A super warm welcome home makers, DIY'rs and crafty creatives.

Made using some cool designs from our Plus Club!

I'm literally shaking with excitement over today's blog and its corresponding tutorial.  I wanted to bring our readers and fans something really useful, easy and fun.  When I started investigating what one might do with a mason jar, I was so impressed with all of the creative, crafty and wonderful ideas I found out there.  

And to think I was only using mason jars to pickle my cukes and store my homemade jams and salsa?

There is an amazing array of fabulous projects, gift ideas and recipes for mason jars.  I'll be sharing several ideas with you and I'll link you up with a super easy and fun tutorial so that you can apply what you've learned today in your very own project.

I'm the kind'a gal who just loves mixing it up.  So I'll be sharing practical, physical projects and later, digital concepts and then we'll mix the two together in a tutorial for an awesome hybrid project with free printables.  Keep in mind that most of the physical ideas we'll be sharing today are for IN a mason jar.

Creative Gift Ideas for a Mason Jar

Wow!  Oh, wow there are tons of ideas for gifts in a mason jar.  I think it'll be easiest for you to put them in a list format.  So we'll go with that and add a few notes along the way to spark ideas or to give you things to consider.  Keep in mind who the gift is for.  How many times have you received a gift that the giver loved more than yourself?

As I was perusing all of these awesome ideas I got to thinking, that maybe that person doesn't have fresh eggs in the house or vanilla.  Consider the recipients life style and food preferences.  For instance, I'm a health food nut and it bothers me when someone who really "knows" me gives me and my kids unhealthy foods.  If you don't really know the person, keep the gift as general as possible.

1) I wouldn't call this first one easy, but I do know a lot of people just love candles.

2) DIY lotions, scrubs and bath salts and bombs are popular.  Just make sure they own a bath tub!

3) Potpourri was pretty high on the list.  I find it a kind of odd gift, but if you know someone that would know what to do with it and they like it, it would be fantastic.

4) Stuff a mason jar with all kinds of kitchen utensils for a housewarming gift.  Fold and hang a dish cloth if you've got some room left in there.  It looks really pretty and it's such a useful gift.

5) A sewing kit with a pin cushion attached to the lid looked so darn cute!  Put pins, buttons, thimbles and other small sewing items in there.  I love this idea for sewing hobbyists.

6) It might seem terribly impersonal, but who doesn't love money?  Stuff it with bills, gift cards, gift certificates...I thought coins could be cute if you know the person visits vending machines often or maybe for parking meters.  They could leave it in the car or in or on their desk.

7) Pampering items placed in a mason jar is another fantastic gift idea.  Again, consider the recipient.  If they are a totally granola crunch'n, tree lover like myself, then definitely think of organic, natural products you could put in there. Makeup, lotions, scrubs, nail polish, nail cutters, nail files, shampoos...The ideas are endless and if you know the person even just a little, this could be one awesome gift to give and probably cheap if that's something that needs to be considered. 

8) If ya know the person likes booze, consider putting in a variety of those tiny bottles of liquor.  It actually looks pretty cool and it could come in handy, too.  Ya never know!  (Insert laughing emoji) They call it a bar in a jar.  Again for in the desk or in the car?  Just kidding!  I saw a post where they put a tiny vodka bottle, tiny can of V8 and a tiny bottle of Tabasco and bag of spice.  Super clever!  A Bloody Mary in a jar.

9) Candy was a big hit.  I will be covering food next, but did think that it makes a great gift for candy lovers.  How easy and inexpensive of a gift is that?  If you're sure they love that kind of candy then it's even sweeter still.  It'll show them that you really do know them.

We're going to switch gears and move on to food ideas in a jar.  Consider what I mentioned earlier about the possibility of the recipient not having particular ingredients that are needed for the recipe.  It is more than likely, that if a person does not own butter or vanilla, they probably won't make that cookie in a jar recipe.  Consider allergies, too.  I know!  I know!  I just don't want you wasting your money.

Scrumptious Recipes for in a Mason Jar

There are more than enough recipes out there for all of these suggestions.  If you find something you like, look it up.  We're just furnishing you with an arsenal of ideas. I will provide a few recipes on the tutorial, however.  Those of the sloshing variety.

10) I will confess, I didn't have a smores until I was in my 30's.  It may have something to do with being raised in Florida.  If you're not sure the recipient knows about them, leave instructions.  They really are a super fun treat!  Ya only need graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. My boys went nuts over them.  This idea seems sweet, cheap and really easy!  That's a great combination!

11) Other sweet ideas are dry cookie mix in a jar.  This is a great idea for people who bake.  If you don't know if they bake, consider another option.  If you think there's a chance...then go for it.  Dry muffin and pancake mixes are also nice.

12) Another idea for a sweet tooth is jam, jelly, preserves or whatever you call it in your neck of the woods.  (I just had a vision of that commercial with the cowboy at the end of the fancy set dining table asking with a very thick southern accent to, "pass the jelly".)  I love making my own preserves.  I use a lot less sugar and I don't use chemical pectin additives either.  I leave it uncovered and simmering all afternoon and it thickens on it's own.  It costs me cents to make it.  My only real expenditure would be the darn mason jar!  This could be a nice inexpensive gift to give.

13) Moving on to less sweet ideas and one of my favorite foods, SALSA and dips.  There are so many different recipes for salsa.  Maybe look for a really different one and give that.  I recently made green tomato salsa and pickled green tomatoes.  Get rid of all of those darn green tomatoes deliciously. Pair it up with a bag of tortillas chips if you're not sure they'll know how to use salsa. The green tomatoes are awesome for salads and sandwiches, instead of pickles.  As if?!

14) Dressings are a super interesting choice.  You could show off your favorite dressing recipe to a good friend or introduce someone to a healthier recipe.

15) Soup is another popular idea.  The easiest version would be a recipe where you only have to add water.  Most people have that!  I really like this idea a lot.  It's more than likely healthy, easy and inexpensive and who doesn't like soup?

And now for the interesting bit!  It's funny to think that one may have been called brazen for serving a drink in a mason jar 20 years ago and now it's the trendy thing to do!  Grab your glass straws, ice, some fresh fruit and those adorable paper umbrellas because we are taking you to Electric Avenue.

Liquid Bliss for Your Mason Jar

Consider serving beverages in a mason jar.  If this is totally your kind of thing, then check out a few fun ideas here and pop over to our tutorial for an incredible recipe and a free printable.

16) Iced Tea is insanely easy and inexpensive to make.  I make it every other day with organic tea and locally produced honey.  I warned you earlier! (Insert winking emoji.) It literally costs cents to make it and you make it as sweet or unsweet as you like.  (The secret ingredient is a sprinkle of baking soda.)

17) Root Beer or Cola Floats are sinfully delicious.  They would be the perfect drink to enjoy from a mason jar.  Just your favorite brand of soda and some vanilla ice cream and you're set!

18) Iced coffee with or without the liquid kick is another great beverage for in your mason jar.

19) Daiquiris are a no brainer.  Go for one that's totally unique!  Like rosemary rhubarb or passion fruit and guava.

20) Mojitos are still pretty popular and I certainly wouldn't turn one down if offered.  They are easy to make and very refreshing.

21) Margaritas are equally refreshing and pretty awesome, too.  Go with the frozen variety or the liquid.  Both are delicious when you use good quality ingredients.

22) Sangria tops my list of liquid love.  Add some fresh fruit and make it from scratch with your favorite red wine or try white sangria if you've not had the pleasure.

23) Lemonade is yet another refreshing beverage to serve country style sweet and with a lot of ice in your favorite mason jar. 

Plant-Astic Ideas for in a Mason Jar

24) Terrariums are so easy, cheap and surprisingly fun to make.  I made a few this winter in the middle of some winter blues.  I used stuff from around my house and recycled some unused oddities for more interest.  If you've got small enough plant babies in your own home or yard you could use those or if you want to just buy all of the stuff, it's enjoyable to set up.

Taking Mason Jars to Paper

We'll now dive into fantastic digital designs keeping mason jars in mind.  Since they are like all the rage.

As you may know, there are so many fantastic crafts you can create with mason jars.  

I'll admit, I did a bit of research to see which ones were the most popular, but of course, I just had to add others that I thought were totally worth mentioning.

1) THE most popular mason jar craft were actually tags.  I LOVE tags!  You hardly need any materials. You can be finished in a snap and you can use them for so many things.  We've got a full, gorgeous tutorial on how to design a tag and a few free examples for you.  Isn't that just the bee's knees?! That's for next week.

2) Next on the Most Wanted list are cards.  Yes!  Yet another great craft.  Whether you're sending it via e-mail or snail mail, cards are a blast to design and craft.  I've already got a template and all of the fabulous goodies I want to use on it, in a folder and waiting for my next open tutorial spot. 

3)  Mason jar kits are next and frankly I'm not even sure what the heck that is.  I'm thinking a gorgeous pack of coordinating papers, a sheet or two of stickers.  OOH!  Planner stickers?!  Some lovely watercolor designs.  It is going to be Eek-A-Licious!  I found this little darling kit in the Design Bundles shop.  You'll be able to design any of these projects with it.

4) Oh!  Sublimation mason jar designs are next.  I love that, too.  As you might guess.  Design Bundles has many mason jar designs to choose from that will look perfect on your sublimation projects.  Being a teacher, I just had to choose this one and I love a play on words.

5) Next on the list is mason jar paper.  That really would be fantastic for all of these projects on the Most Wanted list.  Here is an example of some cute papers.  Just imagine how beautiful your cards and tags will be with these?!  Do some matting with coordinating solids and your craft or digital projects will be jar-mazing!

6) One of the last for the list and I'm sure there is plenty more out there, is a mason jar banner.  I always thought it was called bunting.  Another regional term?  Banners or bunting are so cute and they've been fairly popular for a while now, too.  Use them to decorate your fireplace.  Hang them for special occasions.  I use them all of the time for my digital projects.  Especially, for scrapbooking pages.

This kit has a sweet banner with mason jars.

7) Call me bias!  My main dig is scrapbooking and templates.  It might not top the list according to Google, but it definitely top's mine.  I'll show off a few, fun ideas for you to scrap lift.  The first image in each row is the template.  The three images that follow are the stunning digital scrapbooking pages my team and I designed with the layered templates.  If you are new to templates or don't even know what they are, they are a scrapper's best friend.  They save so much time and you don't have to spend time trying to come up with a page layout idea.  It's all been done for you.  We'll have plenty more to say about those in the future as well as free examples for you to try out.

OK!  We've filled your brains with so many amazing projects for you to try with mason jars.  We'd love to know which idea you plan on trying.  Feel free to visit our Facebook places and show us what you've done or maybe even join us in our crafty forum.  You can ask questions there, too.  If you feel like your stumbling along or if you're a bit intimidated by the whole digital thing, Design Bundles is here to help you every step of the way.  We're one of the few places providing awesome customer and fan support.

Come on back for this next tutorial. Please, do return for more creative and crafty fun.

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