Monday, April 22, 2013

EcoScrapbooking eBook Launch Party

Welcome, Hoppers!

I just love blog hops!  Meeting new designers and filling up with great ideas, inspiration and other goodies.  Ecofriendly ideas are my all time favourite and I have many of them to share with you.  Scroll down and see what you find, then check out the links section to hop around to the other blogsters.

Below are images from up-cycling projects.  If you click on the image, it will take you to the tutorial or blog entry where it is featured.  Enjoy the show, download and share the FREE E-Book by clicking anywhere it says, "E-Book". Thanks so much for coming and thank you for keeping the environment in mind.

This first image is of a tag I made for a friend.  It doubles as a magnet by attaching magnet tape to the back.  Because the tag is small, it uses less supplies and these were ALL from left overs.

I always use cool clothing tags in my layouts and other artsy projects, like this one below.

Hard back children's books are excellent for upcycling projects like mini albums.

I'm often inspired by mail and other advertisement.  I made a mini album from an idea I got from a flyer.

Here is an old Ikea frame painted, and scrapped with some left overs and a couple of recycled gift bows.

This has to be one of my favourites.  I upcycled an empty match box.  It is small, so you don't need a lot of supplies.

I recently started digital scrapbooking.  No more garbage, adhesives, packaging and it's nearly free.  There are more freebies out there than you can use.  Hang out here on my blog or check out my Facebook page where I post free stuff daily.

This project is super fast and didn't cost a penny to make.  I used some left over cupcake papers, embellishments and a bit of washi tape to upcycle this yogurt bucket.  It now houses my markers.

Below, is a recent upscaled sock box made into a treasure chest.  You will definitely want to check this one out!

What do you with your old cards?  My mom is still into sending cards and I keep most of them.  You can use the lovely script in side, the word art, images and sometimes they even have embellishments on them.  I also like how rigid they are and often use them to make another card for someone else, like this one here.

Here is the list of the other blogs presenting ecofriendly ideas.  Thanks again for stopping by and for sharing the FREE  E-Book with your friends!  Happy scrapping!

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    1. Wow, Lisa, your post is absolutely incredible. I love all of your ideas. They are so useful not to mention beautiful. It is hard to choose a favorite....I love them all!!

      Thank you so much for your awesome contribution to this eBook. It is a pleasure getting to know you!!

    2. I love the idea of re-using the clothing tags as embellishements.

    3. You ARE full of eco-friendly ideas! What a great round-up of projects today! Thanks so much for participating and I can't wait to share the Spanish and Dutch versions of the eBook...coming soon!

    4. Wow awesome projects and great idea of upscaling various everyday items. It's been great working with you on this book.

    5. Great tips and projects. I love the marker bucket and the idea for using cupcake liners.

    6. Thanks, Everyone!!! It's been a great experience to work with such talented ladies!!!

    7. beautiful ideas. i especially love the round mini book. thanks for sharing.

    8. Wow! You have a ton of really great ideas! I adore the train mini book as well as the circular album. I would love to see the inner pages. Are they posted somewhere?

      1. I put the pictures for you. Thanks for the interest.

    9. so many great ideas-love your little altered matchbox.

    10. Awesome ideas...especially the upcycled children's book! No need to buy blank board books!

    11. Thanks again, Everyone! I did have a blog entry for the cardboard book, but for some reason the images were replaced with a warning symbol. I don't feel it is an excellent work, but I can get some pictures up for you. Thank you for the interest!