Saturday, October 26, 2013

Graphic 45 and ME! An AMAZING Opportunity!

A super, happy Saturday to you friends, fans and family!

I had a fantastic afternoon, yesterday.  I attended Scraptastic in Belgium.  It's an all weekend event of various paper crafting and just good ole' creative fun.  I cannot even begin to tell you how fortunate I was to attend an event like this.  Juggling it between two handicapped children and my ill husband wasn't easy, but I had perma-grin throughout the entire workshop.  Seeing the owner and her beautiful family all standing there in front of the class, welcoming  us, was very, very special, indeed.  I just have to share with you, the project we feverishly constructed as well as photos of friends I  made there.

This picture comes from the Scraptastic site.  Gorgeous, eh?!  Of course, no one finished their project, but that's nothing new.  I've never attended a workshop where I finished a project.  No worries!  It's just great to be there among fellow scrappers and creative beings.

I'll be sure to post my project when I finished it.  I'm in the middle of three UN-finished projects using Graphic 45.  Hehehe...  I'll make it a point to finish them all up in the next week and post them all together.  There's a peek at one a little further on.

 Here are some of the very happy scrappers and total G45, adoring fans!

This blondy here is, Nadine from Wallonia.  She was really a star!  A very, very nice woman who was completely ecstatic to be there, too.  We exchanged info so we can meet up again and share all of our stuff.  I love when that happens!

And here is the gang and Nadine!  I didn't want to burden them by asking for yet another picture.  Hehehe...I must say, they are a great family.  So warm, friendly and helpful.  Diane seemed magical and radiated happiness, beauty and genuine passion for people, nature and travel.  Ya felt like  ya knew them for ages.  Now, THAT is special!  Thanks for exceeding my expectations.  That NEVER happens!  Hehehe....

Here are some other projects I made with Graphic 45.  I usually have to mix and mingle all of the little pieces of G45 I'm lucky enough to find here and there.  It doesn't matter because I love it ALL!  Hehehe...Anything you make with Graphic 45 comes out beautiful because the products are always fantastic.

This first one is recycled from a match box.  It holds an accordion mini. If you click on the picture, you will be magically swept to my tutorial for the project.

This one is up cycled from a sock box and embellished with some old buttons. This image is also connected to the tutorial.

The next one is a a CD case, converted into a gift card holder. The tutorial for this one is connected with the link and there is a FREE template there as well.

This is also an up cycled project.  From a plain, black gift box to something a little more special.

I asked Jeff if Graphic 45 would ever go digital.  We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed and our eyes open for that one!

I played a bit with some previews and made these layouts, just for fun.  Every feather painstakingly placed.  Ha!

See what I mean!  EVERY collection is just stunning.  This is the newest, "Couture".  The bottom image is hooked up with a link to the Graphic 45 site.

My favourite and most recent FINISHED project.  Hehehe...The lovely, tiny top hat using Bohemian Bazaar.  Talk about wow factor!  Beaming with brilliance and finery.  I still can't believe I made this in a couple of hours, while watching football.  Hehehe...  I have more pictures in the blog dedicated to it's making.  Just click and you can see it.

The next two images are just a glimpse of the project I'm in the middle of.  It's really close to finished.  Then again so are the other two!  Ugh!  This is going to be a bird cage.  It's looking great so far.

So stay tuned and see the end results from three projects using Graphic 45.  Make sure to look out for the absolutely amazing products in your favourite craft stores or on line.  I've hooked you up with some links and below are a few more.

Thanks a million for checking out The Cherry On Top!  Make sure ya do it again and by all means, find the time to get crafty.  You deserve it!

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  1. its great,pleased to hear you had a good time.

  2. Thanks, Carine! I thought you might have gone. It wasn't far from where you live.

  3. Lisa, you have a great eye for seeing such wonderful ideas just with a piece of paper!!!!