Thursday, June 28, 2018

Forget Me Not Scrapbooking Kit, Page Inspiration and Your FREE Calendar for July

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've got your new, free calendar for July ready along with some inspiring pages with Forget Me Not.  WordPress is being a bit glitchy, today.  My images are coming out tiny and so blurry.  Hoping it fixes itself...I've got Tuesday's blog linked up where we've got a tutorial on how to play with that free alpha.

Enjoy yourfree calendarand make Forget Me Not yours.

This is my page using our templates, Stacked Upfrom last week and the new kit, Forget Me Not.  Check out what the team has done, too.

Go deep and dramatic...

or go sweet and simple...

Here's your free calendar for July.  I just have to put the beach in that photo spot.  Mmmm...

This is an image from Tuesday's blog and my new mini album project.  I'll be getting this free templateready for readers soon, too.  You're going to love it!

This was the new templates from last week.  Grab them in the new shop, Scrappy Sisters.

If you follow along in our scrap-a-licious group, you may have already seen these pages I scrapped using Nom De Plume's new collection, The League of Extraordinary Dads.  Pretty awesome!  The first page is also using our new templates, Stacked Up.  I bet you'll use them again and again, too.

I'm taking this opportunity to show off just a few freebiesthat were shared in our group. It really pays to be a part of the group and we sure would love to have you join in on all of the fun we have there.  Pop over, scroll through and find the links so you can add all of these lovely freebiesto your scrap stash.

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry!  Next week, I've got more summer inspired templates, a new coordinating kit AND coordinating freebie.  Ya won't want to miss it!

Happy scrapping!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Reason #20 and Ideas for Scrapbooking with Large Alphabets

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

"I love when you listen."  Go to THIS BLOG and you'll get everything you've missed, if ya need it.

I've also got that free alpha in use.  Check out my new project using a fun template I designed and that free alphabet from last week.
So here, you see I just cut out the letters with my fussy cutters.  I purposely designed a very simple, thick alphabet that would be easy to use.

This is a template I designed a while back.  I'm mad crazy about mini albums.  This template is great for a mini album as well as a flip flap pages for on a page, since they are so nicely layered.

I traced onto some nice card stock for my page.

Then I used some goodies from the My Musecollection...I left a bit of the black border around the
page for interest.

Cutting a square frame like this is very easy if you do it like this.  Of course, if you have a cutting machine, you're even better off.  I traced on to the black paper, used my fussy cutter to make a hole in the center and then cut from the center to the corner of the inside frame.

These are the free letters, as is.  If you have a touch of white here and there from cutting simply use a marker or ink around the edges for a perfect look.

You could make it really simple and leave as is like above or cut easy boxes for another layer and for a color pop or contrast. Keep in mind you'll need a bit more space for this.

Go a step further and cut around your letter with your fussy scissors.

I pulled out a few colors from the collection to make my page more fun.

I have this lovely template for you on this blog.  I hope you enjoyed the free alphabet, from last week.  Feel free to show off your lovely creative creations in our scrap-a-licious groupon FB.

Happy scrapping!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Really Awesome, New Scrapbooking Templates and Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I and my team are having a blast playing with the new templates.  I've stacked these suckers up really high and they are jumping off of the page!  Use our shadows to give your pretty creations lots o' lift.

 It's a very realistic effect and it's not like you won't be able to get the page in a limited plastic sleeve.

Hehehe...Just yet another advantage to digi scrap, right?!

Check out our really great, new templates, layout love of all kinds and see if you've got all of these freebies from us and other fantastic designers around DigiLand.

The ladies totally rocked these templates!  OMG!!!  I often feel like not all kits work with all templates, but for these templates, I think they do work with any kit.  Just gawk at the lovely variety of pretty pages.

Below, is Robin's gorgeous page.  She used a brand new beyond fabulous kit from Throwing Some Scraps Around, Take Me Away.  Keep reading to see the page I did with it and find out how to get a pretty, artistic style FREE template.

Below, is another lovely page from Rachelle.  She's using a super fun, summer collection from Aimee Harrison designs, Weekend Paradise.  I've also got a page with it a bit further down.

This last one is my page.  I wanted to show off an upcoming calendar kit and my in-laws at their 50th anniversary party.  What a super example of love and longevity.  My hubs and I are off to a pretty good start.  Together for 18 years and married for 14.  Not bad.

This is my page using Take Me Away.  There were so many artistic elements in this kit, that I thought I'd use my free artistic style template from our scrap-a-licious group.  You can still grab it along with a few others from my monthly challenges.  Find them under the "Photos" tab in the group and then by month.  We are doing a year's worth of challenges and if you do all 12 challenges by the end of the year, you'll get a nifty gifty!

I even did a bit of writing on my page.  I used to write all of the time, but some brain fog moved in and it just doesn't come as easily as it used to.
I'm really liking my page.  A wonderful picture of my oldest who is just captivated by the sea.  So much mystery, beauty and forever changing makes the sea mesmerizing.

Jodi's also got a freebie on her site!

This is the page I made using Weekend Paradisefrom Aimee Harrison Designs.  I used our Floral Fantasy templates.  If you are a fan of Aimee's, these templates are for you, too.  I just knew those flowers of Aimee's would look so great with them.

This is a coordinating freebie Aimee has on her blog.  So cute!

Have you grabbed our free alphabet from Tuesday's blog?  I've got a step by step tutorial as well as a link for a video to see how to customize it.  I've also got several traditional pages on how you can use large alphas like this one.  Next week, I'll show you how I scrapped up this alpha in a variety of ways just to broaden your scrappy arsenal of ideas.

That's it for today.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you like the freebies and that you'll become an integral part of our community here, onFB, our newsletterPinterest and Instagram.  Pop over to our You Tube channel and check out all of the new videos.

Happy scrapping!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Reason #19 Mini Scrapbooking Album and Free Alpha Stencil and Ideas How To Use It

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

"You are beautiful inside and out."  Don't forget, if you don't like our journaling, you can always just use our blank cards and design your very own.  Click here for the blank cardsand reasons #1-27 here. 

We will be combining the reasons very soon for one easy download and of course the blank cards are always easy.
I recently posted a digital page in a largely traditional group and was asked how to do the large title, traditionally.  I've done this plenty of times traditionally and though it's very simple, it takes a touch of work.  Unless, you have one of those handy cutting machines like a Circut.  It's on my short list of goodies to purchase.  I keep having more and more projects where I could totally use one of these, but they don't come cheap and I can't even find them in my area where I live in Belgium.  I'm not super keen buying expensive goods on line for if I have an issue, I always like to pop in the shop where I purchased.  I need to know I can chew someone out personally so that the issues can be resolved.  Hehehe...

There are so many things you can do with an alpha like this.  For one, I've put this download file in a png format so you can more than likely use it in your cutting machine.  You could just print it and do a few things, too.  If you are computer savvy, you can clip in any digital paper you have to the alpha and totally customize.  I love that option! Use it like a template by tracing around the letter once you've cut them out. I'll show you some OLD pages I scrapped using this method.
I told you, these pages are old.  I'm guessing around 20+ years.  Could that really be?  Hehehe...I did a big backpacking trip around Western Europe, SOLO in 1995 after graduating university.  I used pages like this for in-between my album.  It's like a title page so ya know you're in a different country.  This was just a stencil I bought at Walmart.  I traced on my chosen card stock and cut it all out by hand.  I still do this.  Back up your letters on some contrasting paper if you have the space which I obviously did not, here.  Hehehe...

For these large stencils, I cut them out on some fun scrapbooking paper.  It's a nifty way to use up those scraps.  I backed them up on some more paper.

Layer those alphas if you like.  These look like cut out alphas, but it's the same concept.

This is another stencil I got from Walmart.  Just traced around the letters on my chosen paper and cut them out.

Get fancy with those cut outs.  I used all kinds of texture with these letter cut outs.  (This is from my wedding album.). It looks like I "drew" in my eyelets!  Oh, my!

I still really like this look with letters.  At least I used real eyelets this time!  If cutting around your letters is just out of the question, then just square them up, like below.  Draw in some nifty stitches for a really fun, home made, whimsical look.

Here's a little step by step visually and you can click here to see the video.
This is what your download looks like when you open it in a program like PSE.

Simply slide in a digital paper from your digital stash and right click and choose clipping mask or command G on a Mac.  It will look like this.

Go to your tool bar and choose the cropping tool.  Encircle the letter you need with the cropping tool and slide it on to your new document.

Go back to the original page, click the undo button and crop the next letter you'll need and slide that on your blank page.

There it is!  Choose all of the letters if you plan on resizing and put it where ya need it.  Scrap right on your new page, digitally or put it in a printable format, print, cut and scrap traditionally/hybrid style.

Choose png format if you want to use the letters in your cutting machine.

Allow me to show you the page that's causing all of the hub Bub and some other digital pages with large letters so you have a sweet arsenal of ideas on how you can use your alphas.  These are all of my digital templates.  Keep reading for more great tips.

This is THE page and I think this is totally do-able on a traditional page.  It's from digital templates I have.  In case you didn't know, ALL of my templates come in png format and each and every item on the template is on it's very own layer, meaning if you are computer savvy, you can open the templates in your software and use the pngs on your machines and scrap traditionally with the digital templates.  EEK!  How awesome is that?  I'm going to show you what I do with no fancy equipment at all, but that's for next time!

This template came from a freebie. I'll be offering it in my scrap-a-licious groupon FB for an upcoming monthly challenge.  Make sure you're in our groupso you don't miss this and all of the other scrap talk.

We will be back Friday with new templates, scrapbooking freebies of all kinds and a lot of layout love.  We'll see ya then.
Happy scrapping!