Friday, September 27, 2019

A Peek At A Free Digital Scrapbooking Kit, Fall Scrapbooking Inspiration, Pumpkin Spice Digital Templates And Much More

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Allow us to show off more gorgeous page inspiration with our newest digital scrapbooking templates, Pumpkin Spice.  They are not just for scrapbooking latte's and pumpkins!  Read further on how to switch them up.  Peruse our tips and tricks and catch up with the goings ons at The Cherry.

 Pumpkin Spice

I actually played with all four templates this time around.  The second was experimental and I couldn't wait to try it out.  I highly recommend choosing a designer whose papers you love.  I meant for them to show off papers, but if you scroll further, you can also see how they look blended in and I'll tell you, it looks spectacular.

 Pumpkin Spice Templates
 Pumpkin Spice from TCOT/Transform from Aimee Harrison Designs

Ya know I just love Aimee Harrison and her palette and paper designs.  These colors are so beautiful together and they are not screaming fall either.  I'm one of those people that are not a fan a fall.  Not at all.  When I lived in Florida, it was very different.  I welcomed autumn temperatures if we were lucky enough to get them, with open arms.

As you can see, by my page, I didn't take the template literally.  If you scroll further, you'll see Theresa's page where she did take a literal take on it.  I used the handy matting and photo spots and the enormous side cluster as a guide for my embellishment placement.

 Pumpkin Spice Templates
Pumpkin Spice from TCOT/Frivolous Fall from Aimee Harrison

I really tried to make these trees pop off of the page through usage of shadows.  I liked the double layer look, too.  Aimee had such awesome paint and scatter to help my page pop and I did have to design my own black background paper for more drama and impact.

 Pumpkin Spice Templates
 Pumpkin Spice TCOT/Copper Spice Heartstrings Scrap Art

You probably seen this page before if you're a Cherry follower around our social spots.  This is the template I used for it.  I just love the lifted, layered, crafty look of my pumpkin.  It gives such a nice, farm house kind of feel to my page.

 Pumpkin Spice Template
Pumpkin Spice TCOT/Pumpkin Spice TCOT

Yes!  You are seeing double under my page.  Hehehe...I used our newest templates and that upcoming free kit.  Can't wait?  Well, ya have to!  Hehehe...Next week all of the fun will take place and I hope you'll be right there with us in the thick of it all.  Now, I do say "free", but really you and the other scrappy sisters in the group will have to work for this.  It is totally worth it, though.  18 papers and over 50 elements worth of digital goodness.  Surly, that's worth a little dirt?

Now, let's check out what my team has been up to.

 Pumpkin Spice Templates
Pumpkin Spice TCOT/Cheryl Day Designs

This was the page from Theresa that I mentioned.  The literal layout.  Hehehe...Actually, my wreath page you just saw is actually done literally.  I matched up leaves that were exactly like the ones on the template (from the free kit) and even copy pasted the shadows.  I was SO happy to have scrapped that wreath so fast.  Usually, it takes me forever. 

Theresa kept most of the original template and scrapped up a very traditional looking layout.

 Pumpkin Spice Templates
 Pumpkin Spice TCOT/Little Butterfly Wings Goodies

Above, I mentioned the muting of the trees.  This is Cindy's gorgeous page.  Her photos are the spot light.  Although, this little girl seriously looks like she needs to go to the bathroom or she is also contemplating just how much she likes the fall as well.  Hehehe...I just couldn't help myself.  Cindy's page lends a fantastic artsy or mixed media feel and I just love it.

 Pumpkin Spice TCOT/Transform Aimee Harrison Designs

I'd like to point out several things in Ngoc's page.  First, I really love how there is not a fall theme.  Hehehe...Theses lavender shades are delicious!  Never mind the abuse that dear old dad is getting.  Hehehe...Ngoc also used an extra photo spot (the one in the center) to show off another paper which might be what you need to make your photos pop.  You could just use the large spot for a photo and delete the matting and other photo spots.

 Pumpkin Spice templates
 Pumpkin Spice TCOT/Goodies from Kristin Cronin Barrows

Wendy is a super star scrapper!  Just look at the way she layered and shadows those embellishments.  This luxurious page of warm and toasty browns and golds is the epitome of autumn's calling.

 Pumpkin Spice
 Pumpkin Spice TCOT/Goodies From WendyP

Susie!  Susie!  Susie!  What have you done to my template?!  Just how gorgeous can a page be?!  My, goodness!  I will try to refrain from using the exclamation point for the rest of this blog. Hehehe...But seriously.  The template? Pretty good. Handsome young men?  Always appreciated.  Purple?  Yes, please and thank you.  Absolutely fantastic kit?  Uh, huh.  (Just look at that restraint.) New goodies from WendyP that just look amazing.

Susie went fairly literal and even kept my adorable hedgie on her page.  Awe...

 Pumpkin Spice TCOT/Goodies found in SSD

Can you guess whose page this is?  Who else uses such dramatic shadows on their page?  It's Ella, of course.  I really don't think I could provide you with better page inspiration than what you are seeing here, today.  What a fun mix of realistic and fantasy goodies, too.  Not to mention the extensive color palette.

 Pumpkin Spice
PumpkinSpice TCOT/retired goodies

Here's more magic from Susie.  These papers are beyond beautiful and everything is just floating in fall frolic.  

I love to use up to date kits and collections.  However, you need not beat yourself up for using older designs.  Some kits and collections resonates with us and can be used over and over without regret.  However, you should occasionally, go through your stash and ditch the ones that are really old or that you know you'll never use.

 Pumpkin Spice templates
Pumpkin Spice TCOT/More goodies from the Sweet Shoppe

Cherry's page is exactly that.  Cherry.  (Still restraining) Cherry also used the photo spot for a paper and her page really sticks to the template as well.  These colors are truly wonder-fall.  Hehehe...How about Cherry putting a journal card in the place of a picture?  That is a great idea, too.

 Pumpkin Spice Templates
 Pumpkin Spice TCOT/Goodies from Irina

I have asked Theresa why she keeps her shadows on the smaller side and she said that she likes the more traditional feel and feels that when printed, her pages look better.  Nothing wrong with that, right?  We've all got our reasons for why we do things and perhaps you even agree with Theresa. I noticed that the top cluster does have a bit more depth and I do really love the way the pumpkin came out.  The texture is so lovely.

 Pumpkin Spice Templates
 Pumpkin Spice TCOT/goodies from The Lily Pad

Here's another lovely page from Cindy.  She also used a journal card in a photo spot.  That background is so pretty.

PumpkinSpice TCOT/Goodies from LouCeeCreations

 Pumpkin Spice templates
PumpkinSpice TCOT/JumpStart Designs

Isn't Rachelle from Bits N' Pieces page, SO cute?  We love our kitty pages and this really could be an any time of year page as well.

Use coupon code:  PUMSPICE30 to save!

How darling is Theresa's page?  The bright on the black looks super and ya know I'm a bit crazy for LouCee Creations kits and creations.

Y'all did such a great job hanging in through all of the layout love.  You will be rewarded with freebies.  Hehehe...Here are a few from around DigiLand.  I'll be back next week with some seriously epic freebies and well...a lot of new goodies from me and other fabulous designers.  I'll be spreading the love throughout the weekend so be sure to stay in touch.  You will not want to miss out.  The group is a great way to stay in touch and our newsletter will certainly be worth your while.

 free papers
A pretty freebie for you!

Check out the side bar, up top for all of our nifty social spots.  I've not been current with my Instagram because the program I used before doesn't work any more and I'm not able to upload via my desk top.  If you've got suggestions besides, "Get a real cell phone" I'd love to hear.  Hehehe...

Usually I put here, Happy scrapping.  Not easy with out the exclamation.  Hehehe....