Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Welcome to The Cherry On Top!

Yes, of course I've got FREEBIES for you today!  This time they are from Throwing Some Scraps Around.  Fabulous kits at an amazing price.  I'm talking TCOT CHEAP!  Ya won't miss out on quality or creativity.  Just take a look for yourself!

TSSA's newest release is, "Take It Easy".  I love that title.  We all could do that, right?!  Fun, bright. vivid colours.  Textures, shapes, Oooh la likey!


Don'cha just love when a designer has quick page options?!  For the many of those who have, "no time", this is the answer!  Plug in your picture and print!  It's that easy and it looks fantastic!


I thought I would pick one of my previous favourite kits from TSSA, but honestly, they are all really spectacular.  How about these colours?!


And now, the moment you've been waiting for!  This FREEBIE can be found on Throwing Some Scraps Around, Facebook Page.  Just being a fan gives you the opportunity for wonderful freebies.  I made the second one, on the bottom left with the banner.  The banner is in the kit and it's blank!  Yay! So you can fill in what you want.

The FREEBIES don't stop here!  Keep scrolling for another one!

 fb page

I think layouts are the best way to see what's in a kit. and ma!  Aren't these ellies the best?!

And here's Liam when he was the child from hell!  Hehehe.....The kid NEVER slept!!!  How on earth could I be so skinny, otherwise?!  Ha!!!

Here's my FREEBIE I made with this beautiful kit!


Want even more FREEBIES?!  I've got tons.  Yes!  TONS!  Hehehe....Over on my Facebook Page and Pinterest Board.  Wanna learn more about my Pinterest Boards?  Go to the previous blog and get hooked up!

Grab this one I made with The Studio's March Color Challenge by clicking on it and going to the link.
 the studio freebie

This one is on my Facebook Page.  Become a fan and it's all yours!  It's the best way to keep up on all kinds of FREE stuff.  Sewing, crocheting, recipes, templates, card making...Too late!  This one is no longer available, but there is another lovely in its place.


And this FREEBIE is also on my Facebook Page.  There is a coordinating freebie a couple of posts back.  Just keep on scrolling and see the tons of FREEBIES you can find.  Yes!  Tons!  hehehe....Too late!  This one is no longer available, but there is another lovely in its place.

 fb freebie

Have a super, happy day and leave me some love!  Hardly anyone does that these days!  Mom!!!  Not even you!!!  Hehehehee....


  1. Hi, Me! Thank you for all of the time you put into these dozens, No! Tons of freebies! That is so very generous of you! Hehehe...See! It just goes to show you, ya have to love yourself first!!!

  2. Thanks heaps for sharing your own beautiful creations and a big thank you for hunting down and sharing with us so many more freebies from other designers. Cheers, Tasha x