Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Throwing Some scraps Around Inspiration And A Freebie

Hey there, Happy Scrappers!

Throwing Some Scraps Around is back in action and creating as wonderfully as usual.  It's so fantastic of Jody to continually let me play with her kits and give you FREEBIES, don'cha think?!  Not to mention how insanely inexpensive her kits are.  Click on this image of her new kit and go see what I'm talking about, AFTER you've check out the inspiration and grabbed your freebie!

 Etsy shop

Here, you have how I started with this kit.  These colours matched my favourite, Spanish dress perfectly!  Yay!  Hehehe...  Now, take note of the cluster on top.  Not bad, right?!

Ya better hope not, because it's your FREEBIE!  Hehehe...It's a cropped cluster.  Something totally different.  Now, you may be asking yourself, "What on earth am I supposed to do with this?!"  I've got you covered, of course!  Silly!  Look below at the next two layouts.  I used this cluster in both.  In the last one, it's ALL I used!

Go BIG and bad with your clusters!  With good quality products like you get from TSSA, you can totally do this, right?!  Switch it up by doing a horizontal or vertical swap.

This freebie is no longer available.

 FREE download

Feel free to breeze through older blogs for mega freebies, visit my FB Page where I post dozens of freebies daily or my Pinterest Boards where you can find even more inspiration and free stuff.  Doesn't that sound great?!  So come on!  Do it!!!!  Hehehe...  Pushy, little critter, eh?!

There is another freebie available over on Jodi's blog, too!  Head over there and get it while the get'nz good!

 Free Download

Thanks for hanging out with The Cherry!  Make sure ya do it, again!


  1. Ok, my layout with your freebie cluster is posted on my blog. Thanks so much.

  2. Oops, thought it would post the address. It is scrapsofsunshine (dot) BlogSpot (dot) com

  3. That is fantastic! Beautiful! I'll get ya that kit!

  4. Glad you like it. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi! I'm still waiting for your e-mail address so I can get you that kit!

  5. Great job on that! Such a happy layout :)

    1. Thanks! The kit is just gorgeous. so easy to make nice things when you a fabulous kit to begin with!

  6. Sorry, didn't realize you needed it. It is patchas1221 (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks so much!


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