Thursday, October 16, 2014

Free Printable Wine Label

Welcome, to The Cherry On Top.

I've got a fantastically easy, FREE, wine label printable for you.  Just cut and stick and you can personalise your favourite bottle of wine or maybe cover up the label of another bottle of wine.

You may just get a giggle or a snort with the little play on words.

These are all of the instruments required for this project:

bottle of wine
tape or double sided tape
scissors or a paper cutter
printable (watch your print size!)

That's it!

Gather your materials.  Cut out your labels, but be careful not to cut too much.  I had to leave on a little bit of the white frame to cover the entire label and cut off a lot of extra for the top label.  I also left the entire width of the paper for my large label.  Measure it up before cutting!

Simply wrap your small and large labels in their corresponding places and tape or adhere. (I did fix the print out with the correct form of whine.  Duh!  Hehehe...)

That's it!  What a fun and easy way to personalise and present a gift!

Click on the image below, zoom to Photobucket and choose download.

 free printable download