Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Free Thanksgiving Printables

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Here are the free printables I've designed for you with Digital Goodies from BoomersGirl Designs. I made a cutie style and a more chic design.  Don't ya just love choices?!

This first image is of the utensil and napkin holders.  These are really easy.  Click on the image, download, print and cut.  There is a tutorial at the bottom of the blog if you need it.

 free utensil holder printable

Here are the placement cards.  Download them, print them, fold and cut.  That's it!

 cute cards free download

If you are looking for a different, more traditional set of freebies, I've designed these for you.

 free utensils holder download

Here are the cards for the names of your guests.  I totally recommend putting the names on the cards via your computer.  This brown is pretty dark.  I wanted to use my lovely gold glitter pens, but they were all dried up.  Hehehe...

 chic name cards

There are a lot of straight lines to cut, so I used my paper trimmer.  I cut off the extra at the bottom...

 Then folded it over at the top...

Then cut the sides and that's it!

I left a little bit of edging to make sure it would be big enough.  I still had plenty of space left over.

When you have cut the width you want, fold it from the bottom this time.  Right under the edge of the image.

Use a little bit of glue, just on the SIDES and this baby is ready!  You could use double sided tape as well.

You're almost ready for the big day.  Take a deep breath and enjoy the process of creating, cooking and entertaining.

Thank you for hanging out with The Cherry!

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