Friday, January 30, 2015

More Lunch Ideas For The Lil' Ones + Free Printable

Welcome back to The Cherry On Top's Foodie edition.

I've been snapping shots of some healthy, no frills lunch ideas as well as ideas to make it all go faster and smoother.  I have a feeling that it's probably just as crazy in your house in the morning as it is in ours.  I'm always looking for ways to let me stay in bed longer!  Hehehe...

This lunch idea goes pretty quickly.  Just a typical cheese and salami sandwich cut with a cookie cutter to ditch the old, hard crust.  Ha!  A bottle of water, bag of fruit mousse and a washed carrot.

Don't give a bunch of sugary junk for the snack.  I've got some real juice without sugar, a giant fig bar and I recycle those plastic balls from the vending machines.  They're great for in the lunch and the snack box.  Here, I've got nuts and raisins in it.

I very rarely give sugary drinks to the kids.  Either juice or water.  I was giving soya drinks until I saw there was sugar in there, too.

You don't always have to give bread like items.  I've got a lot of friends trying to ditch the gluten and flour goods, like us.  Here we've got hotdog bites, fresh cherry tomatoes and a delicious, juicy, fresh clementine orange.  Mmmm...  It's tricky getting your head around NOT having a starchy item on the plate or in the box, isn't it?

I recently had a great idea to make things go smoother and faster in the morning as well as provide a healthy twist for the munchies.  I buy bags of dried fruit and nuts and put them in my canisters that are conveniently sitting on our main island.

It goes really fast.  The kids can reach them and of course, they can have as much as they like.  Nuts are really, really good for us.  They're not super cheap.  Do some shopping around and see what you can find.  Trader Joe's has great prices where we live.

Nuts in one canister and dried fruit in the other.  Great for me, too when I want to snack.

Both my boys never tire of apples.  They love them, but I don't often put them in lunches because they can't stand when they get brown.  My youngest doesn't mind a whole apple.  So he's set.  Here are a couple of methods to keep them apples from browning.  Click on the image to get to the link.


I checked out this link for more lunch ideas and there were a lot of good ones.  Check it out and add to the arsenal.


Finally, I've got this great list typed up for you.  I often forget some great ideas on here and when I'm stumped or want to change things up, I refer to the list.  It's taped in my cupboard right above where I prepare the lunches. 

(I used a digital scrapbooking kit from Albums To Remember to design this.  You can find it here.)

If you are looking for more food ideas then I encourage you to scroll through and see all of the easy, fast and healthy recipes here.  For more kid's lunch ideas head over to my Lunch For The Lil' Ones board on Pinterest or check out some previous blogs found here.

If you like this printout, I've got plenty more on the blog.  Grab a cup of jo, get comfortable and spend some time scrolling through The Cherry. Like all of this digital scrappy stuff?  Head over to TCOT's Facebook page. I'll be happy to get you started.

Thanks for giving us a peep!

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