Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Surf, Sand, The 4th & Free Stuff From The Cherry On Top

Welcome to a super scrappy edition of The Cherry On Top.

The Digital Scrapbooking Studio has an absolutely gorgeous collaboration for the summer.  Surf, Sand And The 4th is a sensational mix of mega talented designers and fabulous goodies that will make you melt AND it's all on sale at fantastic deals!

I got to play with three designers collections and kits and I'm bringing them here for your further inspection along with..dun, dun daaa...free stuff.  Bounce around to all of the hot spots from The Cherry On Top and grab the free goodies.

This first layout is designed with A-Manda Creation's collection.  Patriotic colours and beachy elements for all of your sea side photos and memories.  This layout was a bit of a hit.  So, I thought I'd turn it into a free template for the fans.

 My Gallery At the Studio

Here's a look at A-Manda's collection.  Click on the image to get to the Studio for a further peek.


Next up is LouCee Creations.  More fabulous goodies that reflect all of the goodness we love from the ocean and the beach.  The papers are pretty amazing and I'm showing them off with two layouts and a free paper stacker.  This layout was designed using a template from Brenian Designs.  You can find more of her templates, here.

 LouCee's Shop

I really loved the way this layout turned out.  I put a lot of shadow behind my top picture to give it some distance from that terrific background paper of the ocean.  I love that one!  I'm also a fan of red and hibiscus.  I grew up in Florida, by the beach and my heart still belongs there. For a limited time, LouCee's kit is just ONE DOLLAR!

Here's that paper stacker.  You can find it on our Facebook Page.  Click on the image to get there, but keep scrolling to find even more free designs.


PattyB Scraps will wrap up this scrappy edition.  She added a touch of sunshine in her beautiful kit, Surf, Sand And The Fourth and I used it.  My guys when they were a bit smaller enjoying a fabulous day on the Belgian coast.


Patty also has several additions to this collaboration.  This is just a touch.  Click on the image, above or below to see all of it.


I turned this layout into another frickie.  Hey!  They are really popular and that is because they are so flexible.  You can use it as is and just pop in a great photo behind the frickie or you can shrink it up and use it just as a frame.  You can also add other elements like I did in the layout, above.  Add a couple of frames and some more pictures.  Your layout will be ready in minutes!


You can find the links to this freebie over on Pinterest.  We hope you decide to follow us there.  We've got many freebie boards, inspiration and so much more.  Pop over there, Follow us and take a look around.


Here is your free template.  It's available in PSD and TIF format only. 

 Free Template

Take advantage of the super deals going on over at The Studio for Surf, Sand and The Fourth.  Thanks so much for hanging out with The Cherry.  Make sure you do it again.

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