Monday, June 8, 2015

Free, Fun Father's Day Card

Welcome to another scrappy edition of The Cherry On Top.

We are getting super scrappy for Father's Day.  This is our third project for Dad's special day.  I snagged this awesome template from Key Lime Digi Design over at Ginger Scraps and you get it there, too and for free.  To see our other paper projects click here.


This card is so easy to assemble, but we're still hooking you up with a little tutorial.  Older kids will be able to make this no problem at all.  So get them to get the glue on their fingers.  Hehehe...

Here are a couple of screen shots at the digital process, but you don't have to do this digitally.  You can simply print out the template and do it totally traditional style by tracing around the template.  The choice is yours.

I clipped in a fun, Florida style paper for my cards background.  It's Key Lime Digi Design, so it only felt right to use dolphins, blue and bright yellow.

I created my own little layers and wanted a pocket as well.  I shaped that up and put everything where it should go, to make sure the sizes were all perfect and they were.  

Then I moved my shapes back to the top of the page so I could print and cut.  I should have cropped out my background on my screen saver.  I was checking out some other designs with pockets.

Simply print out your template either all clipped in with your favourite papers or the original version of the template.  These are all of the materials you need.

Cut out all of your shapes.  I also added two small buttons to my page, for on the collar.

Snip in just a touch, about an inch as shown above and below.  (You can see that basic printer paper does not do this project justice.  It's also why I made the other one.)

Wrap around the rectangular piece, at the top of your tie and adhere.  If you are using everyday paper like I did, glue will be just fine.  If you are using higher grade paper with more weight, then consider glue dots or double sided tape.

Snip out those tiny buttons and adhere to the tips of the collar for something a little extra.

I tried using glue dots on this thin paper and it really didn't work well at all. It even marred the top of my tie a tad.  So use glue for thin paper.

The experimental card designed with thin, regular printer paper.


And...the new and improved version with good, rigid, semi gloss paper, fun bright colours and functional pocket where you could insert a coupon or something in.


This seriously easy, fun project is ready in minutes flat.  Head over to Ginger Scraps Forum GingerScraps, grab the template and join us in the fun.  Enjoy!

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