Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hybrid Saturday, Easter Basket

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's, Hybrid Saturdays!

We've got this frolic, paper Easter basket for you, some ideas on what to put in it and a couple of other fun, Easter projects.

Download this free template for the basket, find out how to put it all together, enjoy our festive ideas and get creative this weekend.

This project is an absolute breeze.  Made literally, in minutes and with very few supplies.


-  template
-  printer
-  paper
-  scissors
-  glue or adhesive
-  goodies for inside


-  download the template by right clicking on the below image
-  print to your desired size 
-  cut all along the dark edges for both the basket and handle
-  fold over the four tabs where the dashed lines are indicated
-  adhere the tabs to the inside of your basket
-  adhere the handle to either the inside or outside of your basket
-  I suggest cutting the template so that you don't see the black lines.

How easy is that?!  A couple of extra tips.


-  the heavier the items inside, the heavier your paper should be
-  we provided you with decorative tips on your handle so adhere to the outside
-  use the template and trace around any paper you choose

Let's think about some of the things you could put in your basket.  Any type of small items, lighter goodies will be just fine. I used these plastic eggs filled with sweet treats and a coupon for a free Application for the boys gaming habit.  If you'd also like the coupon, scroll further and click on that image.

Money, gift cards, small toys like slinkies, yoyo's, Army men, make up, rolled up socks, jewellery, even a new gsm and other small electronics will fit.   Toy cars, Legos, marbles, Nurf Bullets...We've got an Easter board on Pinterest with all kinds of crafts, more gift ideas, kid's games, activities and even more. 

Check out our other Easter hybrids.

I designed this last year using BoomersGirl Designs.  Get the full tutorial by clicking on the image.  There's also a card option!

 Easter Hybrid

We've also reinstalled these tags from last year over on Facebook Page.

Here's that coupon.  Click on the image to get the larger download.

 coupon for free App

Remember, all of our freebies are for personal use ONLY.

If you are a fan of freebies and hybrids, then make sure you check out previous blogs to see what you may have missed or you could hit up our board on Pinterest, The Cherry On Top's Freebies and see them all in one place.

We'll be back next week with more hybrid fun and of course, more freebies.

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherry!

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