Saturday, May 28, 2016

Free Princess Cup Cake Toppers

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Saturday's we do hybrids.  These are cup cake toppers for your Princess Party.  You could use them as stickers or for in a journal or planner if you like.  Print, laminate, cut them out and glue gun them to paper clips...Just as long as you use them for Personal Use.

They coordinate with our entire Princess Collection you can find,  throughout the blog, in different parts.  The kit will be coming along eventually, but until then, we have clusters, page stackers, Cute Cards and other crafty things you make with the collection.

 Princess Cup Cake Toppers

Cut out the shapes and adhere them to a tooth pick with a tiny glue dot or tape.

If you want to see more of the Princess Collection, click here.

Thanks so much for giving us some of your time.

Happy crafting!

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