Saturday, November 26, 2016

Easy Paper Holiday Ornaments

Welcome to Hybrid Saturday with The Cherry On Top.

We've got a really easy tutorial for you, today.  See how we made three different holiday ornaments, find your favourite shapes on our Pinterest board and add some paper gorgeousness to your tree this year.

Ya just have to love Pinterest for ideas, inspiration and freebies, too.  Though these ornaments are so easy to make, you probably have everything you need right in your scrappy stash.

As you may know, I've teamed up with one of my all time favourite digital designers and WE are opening an Etsy store, next weekend.  We'll have these templates with papers shown ready for purchase, but until then, see how they are fashioned and make your very own to suit your tree's needs.  Hehehe...

You can use digital templates for your ornamental choice or grab some cutting templates from our Pinterest board.  We've pinned several.  Take your pick, download, print them out at your desired size and use them to trace onto your favourite paper.

Cut them out, fold them in half as shown in the previous image and glue them back to back.  Perhaps with a different or even two or more different papers.  Try to line them up as carefully as possible or make sure the back is coloured and not white.

I did have white backing, since I did this digitally.  I simply cut off everywhere there was white.  If you are a perfectionist, this one might be tough!  Hehehe...You could choose to ink around your edges.  From my experience, it didn't seem to matter how many trees I used.  Three or more seems just fine and they all looked great.

I tied a very simple bow and used a glue dot for adhesive.  I glued a tiny porcelain flower I had in my stash.  It was the exact same colour green as my tree.  Yay!

It helped me tremendously to line up layers like you see, above.  Just glue, line up as perfectly as you can at the seem and stack, stack, stack, until your heart is content.

I used a glue stick.  As for the grade or weight of paper you use, it's up to you.  I used cheap, standard paper and thought the result was pretty darn good.

Before you adhere your last circle, to make the neat accordion look, glue in your desired hanger.  I used gold wire for some and white ribbon for others.  All worked perfectly!

You can see in this image, that I had a lot of white edging to cut off.

 I did a couple different things to top off my ornaments.  I used a large bead for some, the golden ribbon you saw pictured previously, this puffy glitter paper as well as a scalloped border, cropped and printed, which you'll see further below and what is pictured in the ornament below.  I thought it turned out really great!

This topper is from the foam, glitter paper.  Definitely the easiest!  You could use regular paper if you have that as well.  Ya only need a tiny strip and to adhere it with minimum adhesive at the end.

To get the look of the ornament above, which didn't turn out exactly as planned, keep reading.

The end of the scissors is pointing to a tiny glue dot.  You place the dot about 1/3 of the way and pinch.  Then go to the top of the next paper, 1/3 of the way and pinch...taking turns.  Try it out without glue, first!  Hehehe...

You start off with the regular ball shape.

This is my digital, glitter topper I used.  If you have any savvy, you can make a sheet of these for your ornaments.  I also got the scalloped border template on line, for free!  You know me, if it ain't dirt cheap or free, I'm not interested.  Hehehe...Just go to your search, type in free scalloped border or whatever it is your looking for and see what you find.

I believe this would make a nifty kid's project and you may not have to buy anything for it either.

 Hello Winter, Paty Greif Digital Designer and The Cherry On Top Template

This is a template from my Simply Circles collection available in our Etsy shop, Kreative Design Studio.  I used Paty Greif's kit, Hello, Winter for it and the ornaments shown.

We hope you liked today's blog and that you find the time this weekend to get scrappy!

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