Friday, November 18, 2016

Freebie Friday Is Hot When It's Cold Outside, Free Scrapbooking Goodies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

If you're in this half of the hemisphere, things are getting pretty chilly outside which is why we've got a winter inspired collection to show off from Paty Greif Digital Designer.  Of course, we've got some fantastic inspiration and a freebie from the collection as well as a few other freebies you may have missed.

Grab a cup of something warm, sit back and enjoy today's blog.

 Hello Winter from Paty Greif Digital Designer

The above layout is Paty's.  Are those cheeks dying to be squished or what?!  Hehehe...Love, love, love this layout.

 Hello Winter from Paty Greif Digital Designer

Here's my layout using a template from our Simply Circles collection of templates that will soon be available for purchase.  Stay tuned for details or contact me if you can't wait at

 Hello Winter

The above bundle is on a promotional sale of 30% off.

 Hello Winter

This part of the collection is in the Pickle Barrel at Pickle Berry Pop.  Each set is just $1 for a week.  That means you can get all of this for just $6 which is a discount of over 70% off!  That's really awesome!

 Free word art from The Cherry On Top and Paty Greif Digital Designer

The freebie is all linked up for you by clicking on the above preview.

What else have you missed?

This lovely, free vintage inspired frame cluster and a fantastic gift idea.

You definitely need to grab these free Pocket Scrapbooking Sheets.  They'll be in our shop soon and we're taking the free links down.  Grab them now!

Not enough free stuff for ya?  Join our group and page on Facebook as well as our Pinterest and see free stuff nearly every single day.

Thanks so much for joining us for Freebie Friday.

Happy scrapping!

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