Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Scrapbooking Challenge! Turn Your Digital Page Into A Traditional One

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's Traditional Tuesday.

I posted this page in a traditional group that I am in and I was bombarded with questions as well as dozens of lovely comments.  Thanks if you were one of them!  This page is from a series of free digital templates that I designed last year and perhaps one of my all time favourite photos of my oldest.

I must confess that this layout was scrapped in minutes, once I figured out how to get that cool caterpillar look for my photo.  I did lift this idea and so can you either digitally or traditionally.  To see the digital version on how to do this, click on the image.

Keep reading to see the various ways you can do this traditionally.  I've got  more traditional pages here and a link to a free cutting template and another scrapbooking challenge, too.

 Free Template

It really doesn't matter how many photo spaces you use.  I'd say it might depend on the detail of your photograph.  One thing that is important, is that your photo has a lot of background.  This way you do not have your faces or important details split up.  Check out both of these pages.  The faces are nearly entirely in contact.

Keep that in mind when you're doing this traditionally.  You'll see further the kind of photographs I chose for this kind of style.  Digitally done, this is so much easier.

Another aspect of both pages you may have seen is how huge the photo is.  You don't have to use such a large photo.  However, you can see I didn't need a lot of other stuff to finish my page either, making this a pretty fast scrap with limited embellishments needed.

I chose about a dozen photos before going with these two.  The first one is all background, but taken at such a distance that when chopped up to pieces you'll still get a clear picture of just what it is.  The second picture is full of background and I'll be able to get each boy in his own photo spot without messing with the balance of the photo.

Check out how I marked the back of my photo with 3 centimetres in between each.  It really doesn't matter too much where I'll cut the beach scene, but for the boys it will.  For that one, I'll be using a grease pencil on the photo itself.  I'll have that in another blog.

I want to show ya something in the photo above.  I printed out both of my photos at home on a photo paper that is thick, but not very glossy.  Check out what happens to the edges.  Terrible!  This is what happens when ya don't use glossy paper.  The ink comes off a bit.  I wanted to show you this so that you might consider using professionally printed photos.  They will more than likely last longer and come out more crisp.

Here's what they look like.  I chose to ink with black all around each spot to conceal some of that annoying white from the paper.

Then I chose to use black to mat my spots after putting my photo on a bunch of options.

I quite like the way the black looked on this paper and thought my photo didn't get all drowned out by it either.  The photo is a touch on the dark side so the light paper is a good choice it also contrasts perfectly with my matting.

I've also showed ya one way to place your spots.

Above, yet another manner to place your photo spots.  I did under, over, under...and matched up the photo with the one before and after it.  This way you get a really good image of the photo itself, in whole.

Here's yet another way to position your strips, but that image is making me coo coo.  Hehehe...

This how I decided to position my strips.  I did like the slight interruption between each photo strip and you still can get a great view of the entire photo.  For the other photo, I'm going to go over under and raise the upper layer with some foam tape.  You'll see that in a future blog.

I'm using this Posh collection from Simple Stories for both of my layouts I'm working on with the caterpillar style photograph.  I thought I'd share my other nearly finished pages with the collection.  I just need to get my photos pasted.

Above is a project life style page using the awesome cards from the paper pack and some left over strips.  Pretty easy!

I love this page.  I did it at the pizza box event at Tiny's Hobby in Kortrijk.

I also did this one there, too. I can't wait to get my pictures from our vacation in Spain on these spots.

Here's something that might interest you.  It was my first challenge where we take our digital pages to paper.  I've provided a template with these basic shapes for you.  Click on the image, below to get it.

 template and free cutting template

This is a digital template from my shop on Etsy.  You can find it here.

I'll be back next week with my finished page.  Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.

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