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Free PuurFectly Printable Card from The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Today, I've got a really fun free printable for you, some new, unique templates and a look at Tuesday's blog.

Do you enjoy making cards?  Traditionally?  Digitally?  Hybrid style?  All of it?! That's me, too.  It totally depends on the project at hand.

I get asked the question all of the time, "When you do use multiple methods of scrapbooking or craft making, when do you use which form?"  Let's talk about that briefly.

Ask yourself these things: 

How much time do I have?

How much $$$ do I have for the project?

Who is the project for?

If you've got a lot of time, traditional scrap is certainly an option.  Digital scrapbooking is a real time saver if this isn't the case.

If money is an issue, you can always consult your existing digital or traditional stash.  With a digital stash, you can use it over and over.  It never runs out and there are a lot of free resources out there. Like here!  Hehehe...Printing also costs a few cents and something to be kept in mind as well.  If you make a digital card AND send it digitally, it won't cost you a penny, IF you use something from your stash.  I find traditional scrapping to be a lot more costly, but some projects call for it.

Who the project is for is a big question.  Will they appreciate all of the time, love and expense of a hand made good?  Another reason I LOVE doing digital/hybrid gifts. Even if I'm not sure, I go digital.

For me, I go traditional for very precious moments, for my mom and aunty who totally love my hand made things and for close friends.  All of the rest get done digitally.

On a side note, I do not use APPS for scrapbooking.  I barely print ALL of my pages now.  I can imagine I would do it even less in an APP.  I also have an old phone and it doesn't appeal to me.  If you are constantly on the go though, it may be a good option.

I hope these tips will help you decide.

Yesterday, we showed off this FREE card making template.  You could use it for a lot of other projects.  Check out yesterday's blog for more information, tips and ideas and get that download.

 free card making template
 free card making template from The Cherry On Top

This is a close up of the template.  The left side image is not a part of the template, but I wanted to include an idea of what you can do.  You might also note that I added another layer that isn't pictured.

I always choose a printing format that will suit all standard paper sizes and make an effort to use lighter colours or no colored backgrounds to make printing more money/ink saving.  

Here is your card.  It appears that when you save a project in PSE in a lower resolution or if you pay no attention to the resolution while saving and it automatically saves at a lower resolution, the size somehow changes.  I have no idea.  Enlighten me if you know.  

I did notice this AFTER I had the entire project finished.  I designed 4 more templates for in our shop and saved at 300 resolution and they came out perfect.  Go figure!  Hehehe...Saying that, you may have to enlarge this card.  I did and it came out really great.  You can do this in your printer and or preview program, more than likely.

right click and save to your downloads

Oh!  How cute would it be to shape a few pics to fit in the square of you and your friend?!  I LOVE that idea.

If you are wondering what collection I used for this card, it's our very own PuurFect collection and all FOUR packs are just over a buck each!

 Kreative Design Studio
The PuurFect Collection, Papers, Ellies, Journal Cards, Stackers and Templates

Here are the new, card making templates in the shop.  There are FOUR different templates in a 5x5 format.  I chose 5x5 inches so that you can place the template AND the inside page of your card on a standard sheet of paper. This way you don't have to make the card even smaller or use two pieces of paper from your printer.  I also include a 5x5 template in the set for the inside of the card.

Sentimental Sentiments card making templates

I bet your mind is working out how you can use these templates to make gorgeous cards or other crafty endeavours you may have.  Inchies, journal cards, mini albums, project life...all possibilities with these templates.


Excuse the dated design of the above image.  Hehehe...I wanted to show you how you can place your pages on one page to get a smaller card all complete on one page by just folding. You would print it like shown above, fold it in half and then half again.  You could do this as well with our templates.  (This is no longer available, but those steam punk goodies are a dream and I've got some pretty fabulous inspiration there, too.)

On Tuesday, I'll have this printable template ready so you can make our card traditionally.

Next week, I'll be skipping the Saturday and Sunday blog, BUT I'm going to have a mega awesome SUNDAY blog that you will NOT want to miss.  Make sure you follow us here, on Facebook and receive our newsletter so you stay in the loop.

Thanks for checking out The Cherry!

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