Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Free Printable Christmas Cards and Envelopes from The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I'm a bit out of synch with today's blog due to a last minute idea I thought I'd share with you.  Saturday is my usual day for free hybrids, but I thought Saturday might be too late if you needed these cards before then.  I'll be not doing a Saturday blog, but Freebie Friday will still be live as will my newsletter only I've got a Christmas gift for recipients.  So, I'll be sending it out on Christmas day.

I could not find inexpensive Christmas cards, again this year.  So, I quickly made some myself.  They are for the kids to give their friends at school and anyone else I may have forgotten.  There is always someone I forget!  Hehehe...

These adorable little penguins fit sweetly on their 3x3 card and I've designed a custom envelope you can slip them into if you like.  You could just even hand out the square and not have a card, but more of a post card format if you so choose. 

Feel free to resize if you like and add any kind of glitter or any other elements if you find them too plain.  The template and cards are in a jpg format and all three cards fit on one page.  I kept it on the simple side to save on ink.  Hey, sometimes less is more, right?!

This is the template I'm also providing for you.  It snuggles nicely with the cards and I've left a touch of room in case you want to put something extra in there.

Click here to download the cards and envelope.  They are both for Personal Use ONLY.  As is all of our freebies.

If you are all about the free stuff, scroll back to our Friday and Saturday blog where we've got several freebies linked up for you.

I'll see ya Friday and don't forget, the newsletter is coming out on Sunday instead of Friday.

If you still need gift ideas for crafter friends and family or a nifty gifty for yourself, here are just a couple of ideas.  


As well as Mystery Box Deal, Cricut also has free shipping with a purchase over $75.  FREESHIPDEC  Use that code. There are a lot of fabulous gift ideas over there.

If you had a total brain fart and still want to get something super scrappy or crafty creative for a friend or family member, you can order an instant E-Mail gift certificate from Scrapbook.com.  Their selection is so, so super.  The recipient will definitely find something they can use.



Thank you for stopping by The Cherry and I hope your holidays will be fantastic.