Saturday, January 13, 2018

Free Printable Card of Celebration From The Cherry On Top and Kim Cameron Designs

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's, Hybrid Saturday.

We mix it all up on Saturdays.  Scrap digital and print or scrap digital, print and scrap traditional or hybrid.  Isn't that so cool?!  I think it's a fabulous mix of the two.  You have a lot less mess and you need hardly any materials so no storage problems.  Seriously, you might need a nice paper cutter, paper (of course) a printer, scissors and some adhesive.  Sure you can get one of those fancy cutting machines like Cricut to make your project move faster and neater, but if you're not bad at fussy cut'n, then you don't even need one of those.  

Check out the new, free printable, see how I designed it and check out some other recent printable hybrid projects from The Cherry.  Enjoy!  I've linked up all of the images so you jump around easily.

Scroll down to the bottom for the free download.

I always try to make my printables as useful as possible for the most amount of readers.  Hehehe...I keep my wording a bit on the generic side so you can use these freebies more often.  This card is 6x6 inches.

I used my new scrapbooking kit, Pretty As A Peacock to make your free card as well as Kim Cameron's commercial use goodies.  I've got them featured a bit further down.  I'll explain the process and show you how awesome it is using all kinds of different digital mediums to make beautiful goodies.

 Pretty As A Peacock elements and papers are sold separately.

Notice some of these templates?  I use them in my templates and you can use them for your personal use as well.  Why not?  They are priced to sell and are amazingly versatile!  Start thinking about all of the different ways you can use these goodies from Kim.

 Count Down from Kim Cameron

Think outside of New Year.  What else could you use these for?  Carnival, birthday, celebration, party...

See how I used them to make that last template?  Sweet, right?  Use the goodies as representative pieces for template making or layer them up like I did with the bottle for this template so your clients or yourself can customise.

Here's some really fun shapes!  Design papers, elements and photo booth props!!!  Make something super special for dad.

 Dapper Gentleman

I just LOVE Kim's page template maker greenery and flowers.  If you are a repeat buyer of my templates, you'll know these leaves well.  Hehehe...They are meant to use as representative pieces meaning, you should replace these with your own greenery from a digital scrap kit.

 Leafy Bits

Aren't the flowers just great?  Perfect for template making, but think also of the beautiful flowers you could make with these templates.  Insert your own papers, textures, glitter, gems....Go nuts!

 Page template makers

See how I use them in my templates.

 Circlicious templates

If you love hybrids and or free printables, check out some of these.

I just put this one on the blog, last week.  Aimee's collections are just beyond gorgeous.  It's a free, printable tag.  So cute!

 free printable tag

Here's a pretty book marker.

 free printable book marker

This blog is FULL of free hybrid printables.  I've got for all ages, guys and girls.  There are tutorials, free templates, tricks and tips...That's what makes us The Cherry On Top.

 free Pokemon door hanger


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