Friday, January 25, 2019

Digital Scrapbooking Templates and Cut Files For Dogs

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We are so glad that you are here.  At our place, it's all white and we are STILL waiting for the bus!  Hehehe...Just a couple inches of snow and Flanders is in grid lock.  Of course, the boys are not complaining at all.  Neither am I.  It's great to have bonus time with family.  

Whether you are enjoying warmer weather and sunshine or you're nestled in your favorite sweat shirt scrolling through your e-mails we are thrilled you've found time for us.  I'm sure you'll love today's blog full of scrapbooking inspiration and freebies.

We've got new, pet themed templates in the Scrappy Sisters shop, a gorgeous kit with a free with purchase, coordinating template and a few freebies.

 Scrappy Sisters

Again, I'm providing cuttable files in these templates.  If your cutting machines accepts png format, any of our templates will work.  Each layer is separate and in png format.  There is a file full of the pngs and this one would be the easiest to use for that.

We've got all kinds of animals at our place and fortunately, a lot of people are fans of furry, feathered and other types of beasts.  So much so that I'm inundated with requests!  This week we are putting dogs on the throne and next week will be kitties with more animal themed templates later to come.

The first three pages are done through yours truly.  Check out how I added a stroke around that merged cuttable in a few of my pages.  It just felt like it needed an extra aspect.  A bit more contrast perhaps?

 Scrappy Sisters

Above, I used our Dog Daze Collection found in the Kreative Design Studio.  There are so many packs available for you.  More templates, quick pages, Cute Cards/Journaling cards, elements, papers, word art, stationary...take a peep and see if something is for you.  You get a lot of goodies in our elements pack.  They go just great with both sets of templates.

 Dog Daze

 Scrappy Sisters

For the page above, I used LouCee Creations collection, Shampoodle.  I've got some kind of Bichon Frisse/Maletese mix of a dog and he needs a hair cut every three weeks or so.  That's pretty hard on the pocket so I often intervene and cut it myself.  As you can see, he is very used to this.  Doesn't he look so relaxed?  Hehehe...

I really like the paw prints on this template.  Again, I gave it a nice contrasting stroke and pimped up that shadow just a bit more than normally.  Aimee Harrison's Wooftastic collection has a nice, natural color palette and a lot of dog elements, too.

Check out the rest of my team's pages.

Ha!  Hilary did a great job following the template.  Her little doggie is SO cute and what's fun is you can customize our doggy to look like yours.

These templates are so much fun.  I hope you decide to add them to your stash.

 Scrappy Sisters

Now, let's look at our newest and first One Word Wonders.  The plan is to have a fantastic, over the top awesome kit every other month.  Newsletter subscribers will get a mini portion for each of them and the full kits will also contain a coordinating template.

My lovely ladies were so into the artistic style template.  Check out what we've done with Sumptuous and the template.


Below, is Jodi's page.  She's used her gorgeous templates, Efflorescence.  Jodi's entire collection for this line is totally droolville.  Pop over to her store and be ready to be wowed!







My profile picture needed some updating.  I used some really innovative templates from Bits N' Pieces and our Sumptuous kit.  Jump over to Scrappy Sisters and check out Rachelle's awesome templates.  She often includes a template for your FB wear in her templates, too.

Here's a close up of Sumptuous.  There are a lot of artistic pieces and stamps.  I'm just in love with all of the gold.  What a super luxurious feel!


I'm having an absolute blast making papers lately.  I'm learning to tweak my colors and the lightening much better and digging the results.


Newsletter subscribers will get a mini kit from each One Word Wonders kit as well as a coupon for 50% off.  So make sure you are a subscriber.  I deliver the mail every Friday or Saturday and share the most abbreviated updates and look out for's.  Hehehe...It's a great way to stay current and know what's coming in the future, too.


You are looking at a future template and Aimee Harrison's stunning collection February 360.  I totally recommend her 360 Collections for anyone interested in timely/monthly/Project Life or Life Documented types of projects you have.

The colors are so alive and the flowers so fun!  I had a blast scrapping this page.


Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around is at it again and she's got another Mix N' Match for February.  The color palette is huge and I'm sure you're going to really like it.  I chose a couple of the colors and used a template of hers from last week,  Free Spirit.  You can get all of the goodies in the Scrappy Sisters shop.

 Scrappy Sisters

If you are a fan of The Cherry for our freebies, then let me show you some lovelies we have ready.  In our scrap-a-liscious group, I've got a free mini kit for the January challenge.  There are enough goodies in there to make lovely pages and a lot of scrappy sisters have already added their pages in the January album which qualifies them for the extra's pack which I'll be sending around at the end of the month.  If your pages are not in the album by the end of January, you'll not qualify for the extras.

This is what the extras are.  I'd love to see what you design with the first part of Because.

I post free stuff nearly every single day on our Page and in our group either I or other super sisters post awesome freebies that they find around DigiLand.  You can share your pages and projects there, too.  They do not have to be digital.  We'd love to see what crafty creations you've made.

My gal Andrea is helping set us up with some awesome freebies.  Check all of these out!




Check out ALL of the freebies Diane has for you!

 My Memories

These are SO cute!

If you are following along with our 52 Reasons, year long project make sure you click here to get ALL of the parts.  I gave them all out on our last blog so that you can whip it together in time for February 14th!

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.  I hope ya join us in all of our social spots.  You can find them in the side bar.

Happy scrapping!