Friday, August 16, 2019

Cut Above The Rest Scrapbooking Templates and Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

As usual, we've got quite a lot on tap this week.  New templates, page inspiration, freebies, tips, tricks and other fabulous scrap-tastic news.

It's starting to cool down, here in Germany.  A little too much for the kids and Mother Nature appears to be making up for all of those dry days as well by deluging us in rain, rain, rain.  Either way, I'm so glad it's not winter and I cringe at the thought of the fast approaching fall.  Not only for the less happy weather, but then the boys have to go back to school.  Another cringe worthy subject.  Hehehe...

Oh!  I was just thinking this morning, with coffee that I'd show off our School Rules goodies as well as our First Day Last Day freebie we offered awhile ago, just incase you missed it all and want to document your school images, planners, etc.

Above are our School Rules templates and kit.  Below is the coordinating template and an add on.


The template was so much fun to scrap!  You can see I just added a few bits.

The templates are so easy to follow and I've even designed quick pages for the printable pack.

 Keep your elements on the large size and you can scrap really fast!

The printable collection is so great for teachers and for planner lovers, too.  Check out the four quick pages in the image, below.

 There are also papers to print in the printable pack.

The journal cards are very encouraging.  They would be a nice token to give a child/student who might be having a difficult time.  As a teacher, I learned a crucial tip.  Often, it's best not to "say" anything.  Just a look or a slide of a note says more than any words.

If you've got teens that are looking for a more adult, representative style of planner printables and stickers, then consider our coordinating Optimism printables.

 Optimism Planner Printables

Here is the link for the First and Last Day, free printables.

 Free Printable

Back to our regularly scheduled program!  

Here are this week's new templates.  I've got a coupon for you, too!   Save exclusively!  TCOTCUT30  Use this code to save on the new templates.

 Cut Above The Rest

I saw a traditional page awhile ago where they used a cut out technique and I thought it was pretty cool.  You could put papers or pictures in there and I have provided extra photo spots in the larger cut out spaces.

We'll start off with one of my pages and some pictures we just took on our visit to Beilstein, Germany.  It sure is a beautiful village!  If you are ever perusing the Mosel or Rhein Rivers, pop over our way and take a look.  If quaint villages are yo' thang, you will really love this region.

Houses from the 1300's, ruins, castles galore, delicious food, fair prices, very bike and pedestrian friendly as well as clean, clean, clean.  The beer ain't too bad either.

Before I forget!  I want to let you know, I'll be designing another Travel Notebook pack of templates and will share the finished album from this trip to Beilstein.  If you missed our first album, click here.

Isn't LouCee's new kit, A Sweet Surprise so cute?!  It has a party kind of theme, but as you can see, you can totally use it for the everyday and despite the pink, it's totally doable for dudes, too.  Find her new kit at GingerScraps.

 Cut Above The Rest

I want to show you a few different ways you can change up these templates.  Here, I ditched the background/frame.  It's a little less busy, in my opinion.  I might also mentioned that I preferred a more plain photo, like me being silly down there.

 Cut Above The Rest

Here, I outlined the frame, left the original "paper" for it. I liked the crumpled paper look.  I added that nifty, gold design to the frame and put the gold mandala in a few boxes.  See what I mean about a more plain photo?  I thought these photos of my peonies were plain, but when I clipped them in, my page screamed at me, TOO BUSY!  Hehehe...So consider that as you're scrapping these new templates.

 Cut Above The Rest

Here's a lighter example.  I quite like this example as well. I used our FREE Because Collection from the group.  If you've missed this, go to the "Photos" area of the group and check out each month's challenges and get the links to free kits, templates, word art, journal cards and yip!  It's ALL FREE!

 A Cut Above The Rest

Let's see what my amazing team have done with Cut Above The Rest templates.

If I must mention, I do not think my template are a cut above the rest.  I very often use word play when naming my templates.  Hehehe...

Tammy gal has scrapped up more sensational pages for us.  I just drool over her work.  These goodies for both pages can be found in The Lily Pad.

 Cut Above The Rest

You can leave the background in a plain/solid color and it will bring down the busy.

 Cut Above The Rest

Or try what Cassie has done.  She used busy, fun papers for the boxes and more plain, subtle design paper over the top, then scrapped on top of the template for a great result.  All The Happy Things is what she used.  Find it in the Sweet Shoppe

 Cut Above The Rest

Some pages from Hilary...

 Cut Above The Rest

She used more goodies from the Sweet Shoppe.

 Cut Above The Rest

Ngoc used Thaliris goodies.

 Cut Above The Rest

Jarmila used Butterfly Designs.

 Cut Above The Rest

Rachelle from Bit's N' Pieces made such a pretty, bright page with Aimee Harrison Designs.

 Cut Above The Rest

Wait until ya see what Theresa has done with the templates.  You are SO going to love it!

She kept the papers plain and simple and it blends more like a background.  I think it looks super.

And's just "Eek!" worthy.  I love how she used the cut outs.  So, so cute!  The doggies popping out of the spots are just adorable. You may recognize the collection, Ruff Life.  Find it in Gingerscraps.

Keep an eye out for some new projects to come like our second Travel Journal and a garden keeper/planner journal as well.  There's so much I want to do and not enough time!  Hehehe...

Thanks for hanging with The Cherry and as always, happy scrapping!