Friday, February 28, 2020

Digital Scrapbooking Templates Made With Love From The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We're chock full o' scrap-a-liciousness, today in the form of page layouts, new releases, oldies but goodies and so much more.

Thanks so much for giving us a part of your day!

I've got a pack of seriously versatile templates ready for today.  The little critters from GS Creations are so darn cute.  Keep scrolling to find out how to scrap super fast and turn these templates into texture rich pages for your memory keeping.

 With Love Templates

Hello, gorgeous page!  I often post which shop to purchase and or a designer name. If you ever need more information, pop over to our group and we'll get ya linked up.

If you're new to The Cherry, I often give tips and tricks and I use italics for that.  So if you want peruse quickly through the blog, they are easy to spot.

I started talking about the power of mindfulness in our newsletter and promised that I'd give a bit more of an explanation over on the blog. It really is a life changing practice that you should start, today.  I'll chime in throughout the blog about that as well.  This way, you'll leave here full of scrappy mojo and tips to make your life even more awesome!

  With Love Templates
With Love Templates and goodies from the Sweet Shoppe

Cherry's page is just so beautiful.  Take a minute to let your eyes wander around her pretty page and enjoy that lovely picture as well.  Nature can be so beautiful and inspiring, too.  It's a great place to escape if you're feeling out of sorts.  Step outside at least a few times a day and just breathe in the air and absorb all that's around you.  Push out anything else that tries to creep into your mind and ruin the moment.

 With Love Templates

 With Love Templates

I told ya the templates were very versatile.  Any occasion will do!

 With Love Templates

 With Love Templates

 With Love Templates
With Love Templates and MLDesigns

With Love Templates and Clever Monkey Graphics

 With Love Templates
With Love Templates and Arizona Girl

 With Love Templates

Sometimes we can be surrounded by those we love and forget to really dive into the moment and not let anything come along and take that moment away.  Mindfulness is all about letting go of everything except everything that is happening right now.  For example, I'm typing in a near fury, then I remember!  Stop!  Chill, take a deep breath and just enjoy the process of designing this blog.  Uploading all of these fabulous pages full of faces that I've watched grow over the years with designers goodies that I've also come to know and love.

 With Love Templates

Tip: Here's that page I was telling you about.  It's just the template with a picture cropped into the mask and all I did was add some texture throughout with the use of SnickerDoodle's styles.  You can have a fun, texture rich page finished in under 5 minutes!!  Maybe under one minute!

Go through your templates with a scrutinizing eye and see which ones will make great quick pages.  A lot of ours will.

 With Love Templates

Here are a few more new pages with our Fantasia templates from last week.

What you'll learn from being mindful is that your efficiency will increase greatly and you'll even start to enjoy or at least not mind some monotonous chores, like ironing or the dishes.  Yes!  Im's serious!  Hehehe...

The quality of work will also be much better.  I used to suffer terribly from anxiety.  Those evil wicked thoughts still seep into my mind on a daily basis, but I've learned to be quick to push them the frick out of there!  Hehehe...I might assume and excuse me if this is not accurate, that depression might be the same.

Just look at all of the different things you can do with our templates.  I love how Theresa ditched the wreath and just made a gorgeous mega cluster.  Really, she only used our unicorn!  That's the whole point of templates.  They are there to give you a start.  Someone pointed out they like horn in the middle of the ears and I think I like it better, too.  It's easy to move, if you want to do the same.

More new pages with our previously released templates.

Got Ink and goodies from the Sweet Shoppe

Got Ink and more goodies from the Sweet Shoppe

Got Ink and goodies from the Sweet Shoppe

Fashionista and Shutterbug from JoCee Designs

 Love Only
Love Only Templates and goodies from the Sweet Shoppe

So if you find yourself rushing through life, remember to take a breath, slow down and really focus on what you are doing.  I promise, it's a life changer!  Everything will become more clear and you'll feel so much better.  Remember to give yourself time.  Time is truly a gift.  It's even a gift we can give ourselves if we plan properly. Stress can cause serious illness even in people who live otherwise healthy life styles.

These last two pages are from our previous $2 Tuesday deal.  Make sure to stay tuned to each week's amazing deal.  Either keep up in the GingerScraps Group, our Group or in the shop.

 Jovial Templates
Jovial templates and goodies from the Sweet Shoppe

Let me leave you with some cool freebies from around the web and an amazing new collection from HeartStrings Scrap Art.  We share freebies nearly every single day in our group and on our page.  So don't forget to visit those places, too.

 Free Template

 Free Template

 Free Journal Card

An awesome freebie from HeartStrings Scrap Art

 Slightly Strange
 One amazing collection!

Here's the page I made with it.  Bryony adds really fabulous paints and graphics.  She's got such an amazing artistic talent.  You'll love her products.  They are truly unique and beautiful. Make sure to click on my page and look closely at all of the details.  It started off with just this black stamp...


Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.  We'll see you around our social spots.

Happy scrapping!

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