Friday, December 18, 2020

Free 2021 Printable Calendar, Fun and Festive Digital Scrapbooking Templates and Much More

Welcome to The Cherry On Top at Kreative Design Studio.

We've got all kinds of new goodies in our shops.  Papers, templates, stickers, tags, cards...As in good ole Cherry fashion, we've got new freebies, too.  Ones you certainly don't want to miss and even a sale on new products to save you money in these tough times.

I'll show off the new goodies and examples with the different ways to use them with a sprinkling of tips and tricks to make your scrapbooking pages and projects totally awesome.

I've got a new printable calendar in different versions this year.  This is THE calendar I use to organize (ha ha ha) my dates, deadlines, sales, etc. and I prefer it to start on Monday which I recently learned was a European thing.  When I reached out and asked what others use, they unanimously responded with a Sunday start.  Originally, I designed a Sunday start and did not like the result.  I took the time and created a new one, from scratch and clipped in more colors, used larger boxes for more journaling and then decided to give 8x8 as well as 8x11 formats.

Scroll through to get the free calendar that starts on Sunday or pop over to our shop at Design Bundles and get this one.  The one I use.  I just love the designer I used to adorn the new calendars.  They are the ones from our magically inspired, Patronus kit.  I put the calendars on sale at 50% off.  So for a few dollars, it's yours.

Also new in the shop is our Valentine Collection.  Full of adorable peeps pulling pre Covid moves of love and affection.  Hehehe...I certainly hope we'll soon be able to give our lonely neighbor a comforting pat on the back or even an embrace to a student who is under loved at home.  From my experience as a teacher, there are plenty of children who desperately need a hug or gentle reassuring tug on the shoulder.  To think we may have taken theses things for granted?!

Bright and fun colors with a modern yet vintage vibe.  Full of sweets and sweetness.  I only barely tweaked the colors from the original because I just loved them, which hardly ever happens.

Think of the many uses you can use with these stickers.  Close an envelope.  Adorn a planner or agenda.  Wrap a gift.  Put on or in a lunch box...

I thought some papers might be a nice addition to the cards, tags and stickers.  Just in case you want to go all out.

I used the Valentine's Mockup to show off the cards.  I used a touch of intense shadowing to bring out a few of the features.

On to the new templates from this week and last week.

If you're an avid fan of The Cherry, you'll know I love the holidays.  I'm continuing our fun, whimsical and slightly silly template collection.

Check out what I and the team have created with them.  These pages will certainly inspire you and hopefully give you a smile and warm your heart.

I love traditional holiday colors and themes.  That deep red is gorgeous.  This is a page from Jarmila using products from Pat's Scraps.

Caro's little angel is just the cutest!  This style of template provides a really fast option to scrap and often a great way to emphasize your photos if you choose to do so.  Caro used HeartMade Scrapbook products.

Cherry's page holds more traditional vibe with a bit of glamor and luxury with the bokeh and glistening gold embellishing.  Gorgeous designs from the Sweet Shoppe!

Star scrapper Cindy, has scrapped an adorable page showing off the versatility of our gnomes and JoCee's new kit also found in the Sweet Shoppe.

Yip!  Another page with Jo's goodies, from Ella.  I love the silly pictures and the gnomes are super fun.

I don't know about you, but I can't choose what I love most about this page from Esther?  The kit from Valentina looks so awesome and I like how she replaced my gnomes with ones from the kit.  Then there's that little cutie.  So much to love about this page.

What a super idea to duplicate the gnomes and put them wherever the heck ya want.  Theresa used our Gnome For Christmas collection.  There is a page of free tags in the kit and I've kept it at a spot price for you, too.

Obviously, you can ditch the H's if they are not your thing.  As did Jillian on her pretty page.

Another bright, fun page with Jo's kit and this elf guy.  Hehehe...Roxana sure knows how to have fun on her pages.

I love to see the gnomes designed in different ways.  This is Theresa's version with a kit from Connie Prince.

More from Theresa and Connie Prince.  I really like the background with the contrasting, black shoes.  A really pretty page.

See what I mean about the photos?  A few elements here and there.  Theresa even clipped a few on to the template, in the middle.  This template is a great way to show off multiple photos when you want them to take center stage.

Templates are a super way to inspire you.  Sometimes you might like an aspect of one template so you go with that and change it up where needed.  When you're at a stall, templates are just what you need.  I've got so many friends that don't even bother to scrap without a template.

These are our templates from last week.

I wanted to try a few different things with my template so I took the opportunity to play with this one and a new collaboration from Key Lime Digi Design and Aimee Harrison Designs.

I tried merging my heavy outline into the stocking, but ended up liking this version better.  I added a bevel to give the stockings a more dimensional feel.  I did the same to the mortar on the chimney.  It feels a bit more realistic.

I also scrapped up a page with Clever Monkey Graphics new collaboration, Cozy and Warm.  I used our Fancy Flakes templates.

There are my gals.  They don't seem to mind the snow at all. Just as long as they can reach the grass underneath, they are ok.  I have to get my hands on any kit with chickens.

I thought I'd also share that I've got three of the above templates in cuttable, svg format at Kreative Design Studio.  Of course, they are a little cheaper because they do not contain the elements and there is one less. If you only want the cuttable aspects of Fancy Flakes, then grab them from Design Bundles for just a few bucks.

Look at all of the pretty things I made with just the cuttables.  Pages, greeting cards...I used our collaboration with Art & Life Scraps, Flamazing Christmas.  You can get the PU version at GingerScraps and the Commercial Use version at Kreative Design Studio.

Here is the FREE version of the 2021 Calendar.

This is the version in the shop for just over $2.  Thanks so much for supporting us!

Did you receive your third installation of this free kit in your newsletter?  Better check your trash to make sure.  I'll be giving out all four links next week.  If you missed one, no worries.  If you still want to join our family, do so ASAP so you don't miss this lovely free gift.  I often shower our readers with free goodies and specials and it's a super way to keep up with all we have going on.  Challenges, sales, free stuff, progressive scraps and so much more.

Thank you for stopping by the blog.  Consider joining us in our group, page, Instagram, Pinterest is totally hopping and of course visit our shops to nurture your creative fix.  You can find all of the links in the side bar.

May the holidays bring you joy, health, wisdom, love and laughs.

Happy scrapping!



  1. I cannot find a link to the free calendar. Can you help, please?

  2. The ' Free Calendar' is Not showing as Free on their website - 8-[ - Please advise. TY -

  3. thank you for the free calendar! very helpful! also ... i adore your templates and i always come to the blog to look at all the LOs .. i find them very inspirational and i really like the fact that you post a blurb about what kit or designer was used in the LO. thank you so much!!!

  4. Thank you for these wonderful gifts!! :)