Friday, June 2, 2023

A Love for Layout Templates Train and a Weekend Flash Sale

Welcome to The Cherry On Top, blog hoppers!

I'm having a huge Flash Sale in celebration of this hop for the weekend ONLY. Whoo hoo! Times are so tough. I feel ya! I wanted to give everyone a nice big discount because it is so important to make time to do the things we love even in difficult days and maybe even especially in trying times. I've got the free template fuuur ya, layout love galore and a quick look at some of the newer items both in GingerScraps at 60% off and Design Bundles which I also put on sale for 50% off.

I'm not holding you hostage this time. Here is your free template. I'd love for you to just keep on scrolling and get inspired by more of our designs and lovely page inspiration from the team.

free cat template

free cat template

cat scrapbooking page

cat scrapbooking page

The girls did such a great job with these templates. You can totally add a paper in the designated photo spot behind the cat.

You just came from Aimee Harrison and now you've got to pop over to Triple J.

I've added a bunch of Personal Use goodies, a few more new papers, frames and templates to the Cute Unicorns Collection and put it in GingerScraps. Totally scrap-a-licious!

huge unicorns and rainbows digital collection

unicorn templates and more

unicorn scrapbooking

unicorns and rainbows collection

I thought the idea of having mega cute rainbows and unicorns stickers coupled with a customization concept would be awesome. Add names or inspiring text to the designated spot on the stickers and print for a personalized sticker for your kids, students, for journals, planners, agendas...They would make a nifty gift.

customizable stickers

add a name stickers

You can get the Commercial Use version at Kreative Design Studio. Remember! It is different than the version at GingerScraps.

I'm also slowly getting my Sunflowers and Bees Collection in Kreative Design Studio. The papers are already there and the parts that I can add will come soon. Grab it all in GingerScraps, now at 60% off!

sunflowers and bees scrapbooking

You'll love the cozy colors and watercolor effect.

sunflowers and bees scrapbooking

watercolor garden designs

You know how much I love my shaped templates and the ladies worked their magic with our May Buffet templates. Take a look. So many cute scrapbooking pages!

summer templates

summer scrapbooking

flip flop template

pool templates

beach scrapbooking

Another collection that I've added to is the Night Sky Bundle. Again, you'll find an array of traditional digital scrapbooking flowers and foliage for Personal Use. I think you are going to really love these new additions. I know I do!

moon and stars scrapbooking
Grab the Commercial Use version from Kreative Design Studio.

night time scrapbook page
Kait used our Sleep Tight Templates from the collection for this lovely page.

moon and stars scrapbooking designs
Peruse more great templates from GingerScraps.

Here are our newest additions to GingerScraps. They have been in Kreative Design Studio for a while. So, check your stash.

layered templates

digital scrapbooking made easy

digital scrapbooking templates

layered templates

circle templates

If you are in the market for something really different and totally rock'n, then take a look at the Pink Punk Collection. Again, you'll find the Commercial Use version in Kreative Design Studio and the Personal Use version with the traditional flowers and foliage in GingerScraps.

rock and roll designs

teen girl scrapbooking

punk rock scrapbooking

punk rock scrapbooking

gothic digital designs

I'm always on the look out for different kinds of templates I can design for you. I'm no fan of copy and paste templates. Below, I've got some brand new templates that I designed especially for card craft. There are really neat cut out shapes that can be run through your cutting machines. From there you can build up beautiful cards and of course scrapbook pages. 

I love designs like these because you can very easily change them up either horizontally, vertically ... and have an entirely different look. It's a super idea when ya like double page layout for your scrapbooks.

card templates

card templates
Kait designed a gorgeous Father's Day card.

card templates

Go whimsical, artistic or realistic with these templates.

digital templates for crafts

card templates

Below are my newest to GingerScraps templates. They've been in my Studio for a while, though. Check your stash! The matting is an effects outline that can easily be changed into any color or size you like.

digital templates

digital scrapbooking layouts

Here's what you missed last Tuesday. Don't forget to check next week's. $2 is one heck of a deal!

$2 Tuesday

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry! This blog is full, full, full of freebies craft inspiration, scrapbooking layouts and if you go way back you'll find cleaning tips, delicious easy recipes and I've blogged about Autism, too. Find more of our Autism posts here.

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Happy scrapping!



  1. Thanks for the cute template!

  2. Thank you so much for this adorable template! I love my furbaby and this is perfect to showcase her!