Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Zoo-per Mini Album

Welcome Savvy Scrappers!

I purchased this Bo Bunny shaped book a little while ago because I just had to have it.  It's perfect for my numerous zoo trip pictures.  I actually had to add a few inserts so that I could put a few more pictures in it.  I thought the colors were really nice, natural, soft.  So I kept with that feel when I chose my embellishments.

I made, what I thought was a mistake throughout the book.  Gluing everything right side up when I thought it was suppose to be upside down.  However, when you stand the book up and flip the pages, it all comes out great.  Wheew!

Burlap is great for a natural appeal and also a fantastic way to recycle an old potato bag.  Many of the embellishments are from Karen Foster.  They matched perfectly.

I have to toot my own horn a little when it comes to the flowers above. Hehehe...  I was trying to use paper flowers and fabric flowers, but none of it looked right.  It seemed out of balance.  Then I started toying with this natural string and there they were!  I used a 3D Dot to keep it all together.  It was very easy to construct.

This page was done in a snap.  The only thing I did was add the photos, dark brown ribbon, Safari sign, giraffe patterned circles and zebra.  Done!

I have to admit, that I found the shaped pages really tricky to work with.  There is not a lot of space, but it forces you to think more creatively.  I chose gold as an accent color to add pop and warmth.  This page is still growing on me.

My favorite part about this page are the colors.  Green, black and white.  I never thought of that combination, but it really works here.

Another challenging shape to work with.  If I had just the right giraffe picture, there may have been no challenge what so ever. Hehehe...

Circles are perfect when space is of the essence.  I still can't believe I got 4 pictures on this very small page. 

Ah, back to square!  Now, I can go crazy again.  Well, this is not so crazy a page, but more simple.  I think this elephant must have modeled for Karen Foster.  Don't you? Hehehe...

This hippo page was so cute, I didn't want to cover it.  It was also a more difficult page to layout.  If I had some smaller pictures it may have been better.  How do you like those 3D eyes?  Just a little more fun added to an already great book.

1,2,3 and finished!  A little backing on part of the picture help make it stand out without taking up all of that precious space.  Not a lot of room for embellishments.  So, I went tall and skinny and small and round for balance.

Above is one of my own pages.  I traced around the cover of the book and added a little more color around the edges.  Keeping with the biological feel with natural twine and grass like, fun fibers.

The page below says it all, A Good Time.  Belleware was a beautiful park/zoo.  Liam cried for 30 minutes at the top of his lungs, on the way home.  "Ik wil niet naar huis!  Ik wil niet naar huis!  Ik wil niet naar huis!" Hehehe...In a flash, he was a sleep and then he woke up, he continued the shouting, "Ik wil niet naar huis!" Hehehe... (I don't want to go home.)

I made a glittered edge and glittered around the holes for some much needed bling.  What appears to be grass is actually part of a picture of a tree that I cut out with small scissors and turned upside down.  It now serves as a pocket for my very large mascot shaped tag with more fun fibers.

That's a wrap for today's blog.  I hope you all have a great week and may you create something beautiful if not with paper then perhaps with words.  Tah!

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