Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Digitize Those Backyard BBQ Moments

Summer is here my super scrappers!  The smell of BBQ is making me drool.  So, is this awesome collection by A-Manda Creation.  This is an enormous collection that I bought from the Digital Scrapbooking Studio.  I could not believe all of the goodies that came with this kit.  I've been using it like crazy, all across my scrappy endeavors.  I can't take all of the credit for some of the clusters you will find here, because they came in the kit.  They are really amazing and also an excellent source of ideas for my own clustering projects.  This first page is by far, my favorite page.  It might even be once of my favorite digital pages over all.  I feel almost guilty telling you that it took me 20 minutes to make this.

This whole white space thing is a real catcher.  I love it and hate it. Hehehe....  Sometimes it can look just perfect and other times...Well, it just feels like there is something missing.  I would use awesome photographs if I were going to leave a lot of white space of have kick'n embellishments, like the ones in this kit.

I'm not sure if it's from the time I spent as an editor of a newspaper, but white space just really jumps out at me.  I'm growing to like it more and more, but it was tough in the beginning.  I plan on using this technique more and perfecting it.

These bright colors are screaming summer fun.  The variety is almost unfathomable.  It just keeps going and going.  Including alphabets, titles, cluster frames, word art, quick pages, design papers, a brag book and probably hundreds of embellishments....all I did below was insert a background and the pictures.  Doesn't get much easier than that, does it?!

Above are 2 "Quick Layouts".  I actually created these myself with the collection.  My intension was to enter it in a contest, but when I found that one would not be able to insert pictures behind the frames, I had to give it up.  At least for now.  I tried and tried and researched until I found that with Powerpoint, you cannot cut out spaces.  What a bummer!  It has definitely encouraged me to look into other software programs.  I have looked into 2.  One being an Apple/McIntosh program that did not leave room for very much creativity and the other, Photoshop, which apparently one needs to attend a semester long class just to learn how to get a picture started! Hehehe...  Wow!  I toyed and toyed and got nothing, nada, zip!  So, I've heard of a few other programs that I'll look into and of course, I'll share my findings with you.

 Above and below are two different kinds of layouts.  They were made specifically for my Facebook Page, The-Cherry-On-Top.  This is one new trend that I am totally into.  It's kind of surprising because I usually find it a lot more challenging to make something fantastic when there is a limited amount of space.  Shaped books can totally make me crazy.  Maybe it's because I always try to get too many pictures on one page?

 It's a wrap!  Another blog to add to the archives.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Come back again or visit me on FB at:  You can find this collection at: and

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