Monday, November 19, 2012

It Don't Mean A Thing If Ain't Got That Bling!

It's just another manic Monday!

With a super busy week ahead, I have to find the time for a blog entry, but this one is totally worth your reading pleasure.  I am crazy about bling and pimping up my layouts and paper craft projects.  Here are several way to make your projects stand out and grab your attention and as usual, they are cheap or even free methods.

Below is that cute, little dress. It's been pimped up by adding tiny, stranded pearls, a gorgeous satin bow (that came with a card making set) and that hanger with the crazy string is just the icing on the cake.

In the second example, I used some adhesive pearls for the butterfly and the cards or tags, but for the background paper I used liquid pearl.  It really makes this layout pop and adds amazing glamour with out spending a lot of cash.

It's almost embarrassing how cheap this next crafty treasure was.  Some awesome Graphic 45 stuff I picked up on sale for 70% off, glammed up with simple, cheap glitter glue, leaves from outside and some old buttons from an out of date sweater.

More pearls to add luxury to a bright and cheery layout.  I added that little blue one for a burst of fun and cohesion.  The pink pearls were a part of a gorgeous set that I received from a workshop.  I snipped out just the pieces I wanted and made it spread over several projects.

You may have seen this one with old thrift store buttons.  So glamorous.  LOVE!

Here is some more glitter glue and pink adhesive pearls,  Old buttons and a tiny piece of ribbon.  Now we have texture, warmth and bling.  Super!

These borders add depth and color and they are just cut out from a 6x6 and glued on to some black scrap paper.  The red lace adds warmth, texture and luxury.  Yes!!!

OK, how about a digital touch of bling?  Awesome!  Fancy borders and digital bling, too!  My favorite old button or broche is simply stunning.  Of course, money was no issue here.  You can use as much as you want when it comes to digital embellishing.  Ya gotta love that!

What makes this layout stand out is the black background.  It totally pops now!  POW!!!

Granny looks extra special surrounded by all of these cheery digital ellies, a homemade border for more detail and of course, that bow adding texture, depth and softness.  Score!!!

My favorite way to add bling is by doing exactly that.  Bling!  This sparkly embellishment and word art speaks for itself.  Love it!!!

More free bling with this FREE kit.  Forever is blinged out already, then you add the self made border with metallic bam and the studs at the button.  BOOM!  Fantastic!

Another pimping method is embellishing with tags and layers.  Layers are so lavish.  It looks like you spent a ton.  Serious blingage add drama.  Satin bows, antique buttons and lace.  My goodness, the epitome of bling!!!

Yeah, this G45 layout is pretty amazing if I do say so, myself.  That feather frame took me forever to create, but holy crap!!!  It is awesome!  The tags are such  great enhancers, too.  Not to mention that splash of blue.  It really stands out.

More totally terrific tags that totally rock out the blingage and poppage.  Super duper!  All done digital, so no big cost.  Most of this stuff was free anyway.  Follow my FP Page, The Cherry On Top and get your drive full of fabulous freebies.  I have at least one every day.

 If you are going to go antique chic, this is the route to take.  Lace, high fashion, black and white, metallic ellies with serious character and just a touch of colour to make it peak.  Divine!!!

This last example is the prima example of bling and pop.  Crazy animal prints say, "Grrr".  Pink pop with rhinestones grab your attention, fancy borders, layering and groovy glitter edging brings it all together in this totally terrific layout.

Happy scrapping my friends!!!

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  1. Lisa, you have inspiried me to do things I thought I could never do. Although I'm not as gifted as you, I feel I get better with each project. Although I don't leave a comment I thought I just had to let you know how much I love what you do and I look forward to your blog everyday. Keep up the good work, your pages are soooo beautiful.