Thursday, November 22, 2012

Outside Of The Box

Happy Turkey Day to my American readers.  I hope this day finds you well, full of turkey and pie and wanting to escape the family mayhem for a minutes and read my blog.  As if?!

No holiday here, but I will celebrate tomorrow with family and my little guy's birthday party.  Two birds with one stone.  I am that lazy or that efficient?  Hehehe...

I put a few layouts together that I was...well...uncomfortable with.  I looked at these layouts and struggled to finish thinking, "Does it look like I just upchucked this out or is there some real artistic merit here?"  I am always trying to challenge myself.  Always trying to think outside of the bun.  Perhaps my efforts are a little too obvious?  Hmmm...

I suppose you might say this is my crazy side.  (You are now asking yourself, she only thinks she has one?  Hehehe...)  It's fun to jump out of ourselves.  Go over the border.  Cross that sea of conformity!  This might be all just a blogging nightmare or it might be an inspiration booster.  An eye opener.  Releasing the silent, creative beast that lies within!  Hahahaaaa!!!!

Go free my artistic beings!  Be who you want to be.  Create how you want to create.  Do what feels right and most importantly enjoy the process.

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