Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scrap'n @ Tiny's Hobby

Hey, Ya'll!

I finally got around to scrapping another traditional book.  I got started with this project at Tiny's Hobby Shop in Kortrijk, Begium.  They have all kinds of workshops year long and if it were closer I think I could have my own parking spot!  Hehehe...

We had explicit, detailed direction for the project, but as usual, I did my own thing.  I don't want my album to look like anyone else's and because the class was in Dutch, I wasn't sure how much I would be able to follow.  Everyone finished their book by the end and only had to put some embellishments and pictures in.  That hardly ever happens!  Hats off to our illustrious instructor (who turned out worked with my neighbour from across the street).

We got the ENTIRE Simple Stories collection 24/7.  As you can see when you scroll down, it was one heck of a collection.  We were totally spoiled.  Don'cha just love that?!  I can't wait to go back again and get scrappy with Vicky and the other fantastic ladies at Tiny's.

Above I used all of the goodies in the kit except that chipboard rain drop, liquid pearls and the red glitter paper hearts that I just punched out.

Rounded corners, cut out sticker and layers.

I see I forgot to post the picture where you lift the flap.  There's another picture under it.  I just cut out this stuff from the paper in the kit and used a tiny ink pad for the dark brown edging.

More red glitter paper for some pizzaz and a tag.  I cut out some arrows and put them along the bottom of the picture.  The picture on top flips open.

Voila!  Another picture hides underneath.  I love that I could use such large pictures.

Here's another flip book.  More red glitter that I cut out to mock the arrow theme in the kit.  All of the red checkered board is washi tape.  It's so easy to frame, cover mistakes hehehe...and use for flip pics.
Oh, the butterfly and ribbon is mine.  I just used a small ink pad to color the butterfly FAST.

 A huge pocket with a great sentiment.  Add some pull tabs, buttons and ribbon for fast, easy usage.

Little details like these tiny pearls add extra pow.

This page was pretty cool and was supposed to be the cover.  Neat to peel apart the cardboard for this effect.

Took my scraps and pieced them together to make this page.  It made a cool pocket so I constructed a huge tag with appropriate wording and gave it another splash of shazam.  I added dimension with black pearl paint for the wording, sticker washi that was aged and that large heart is a chipboard heart that I drowned in red glitter glue.  It came out awesome!

This next section of flip pages turned out quite alright.  That washi makes flip pages a synch.

The button, metal frame and ribbon are from my own stash.

This picture of Liam is my all time favourite.

This is another flip page and finally some journaling.  It's all so fresh in mind even though it was a few years ago.

My hubby is so much better at the camera than me!  He got some great shots!

So, there you have it.  My newest scrapbook made with great stuff from a workshop at Tiny's Hobby!  Check out their web site or join them on Facebook.  They have great updates for workshops and new products.

Thanks for checking out The Cherry On Top!

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  1. Love, love, love this book! Great colors, fun designs...nice job!