Monday, July 1, 2013

A-Manda Creation & Berry Good Inspiration

Hi there, Happy Scrappers!

I'm featuring A-Manda Creation, again.  These three kits are simply inspiring.  Not only that, they are CHEAP!  Look closely....75 cents.  That's right!  .75 cents.  Gorgeous papers, exciting elements that offer versatility as well as gender friendly.  These kits can be used for absolutely any kind of scrapbooking.

Take a look at what's in store:

The Inspiration^^^^^
The Kit:

The Inspiration :

The Kit:

The Inspiration:

The Kit:

Fabulous, right?!  Where else can you rock a deal at .75 cents?!  I can't even get a candy bar for that price!  Enjoy this great price while it lasts!  It just doesn't get any better than this.

Thanks for checking out the Cherry!

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