Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Boredom Busters

Welcome to The Cherry On Top!

Summer has started.  For some of you, the summer vacation is almost over.  By now your kids might be driving you crazy.  I know mine are!  Hehehehe....  I am dedicating this edition of The Cherry On Top to parents, child carers and sitters.  In this edition you will find all kinds of activities for  kids.  Not just the little ones, but the older ones, too.

I have two young boys with Autism and keeping them constantly busy is a must.  Create a list of things to do when boredom starts to settle in.  Popcorn and a movie, Wii, computer games, yoga, exercise, outdoor play, hopscotch, swimming, Lego, boardgames, story telling, craft, paint....This is a necessity and a huge help to keep things cool around this crazy house.

The first two images are linked up to The Tip Junkie.  I love this site and visit everyday.  Yes, everyday!  There are so many great ideas, tutorials, boredom busters, beauty tips, crafts, pretty much everything The Cherry On Top is all about.  Make your own playdough from Koolaid for the smaller kids and then make your own lip gloss for the bigger sassy girls. I love that idea!

How cute are these bracelets?  For girls or boys and all ages, too.  These images are linked up to the Tip Junkie as well and there are a lot more ideas there.

 This image to the left, I thought was totally cool for older kids and capable young'ns.  The image is hooked up to a tutorial!

And now for some outdoor fun.  I have to pretty much push my kids out of the door, but when I have stuff planned or an arsenal to hit up, it usually turns into hours of fun.  This image is also linked up to the Tip Junkie and there are a lot more ideas for more than one kid, too.

Another way to get hours of fun outside is taking your road carpet outside.  My little guy loves to play with his cars on the carpet, outside.

How about spending time picking berries?  Then coming up with something cool and refreshing to do with them.  Like this idea here.  I think I will be making this one today.  I've got berries ready for picking and the heat is on.  My boys love picking berries and making stuff with them.  We make cake pops, muffins, pancakes, waffles...they just love being in the kitchen.  If it's too hot, cook outside.  We put the fryer outside, the crockpot, the BBQ of course.  I even have a small oven in the basement so the heat can stay down there.

Another thing to keep the summer calmer is planning.  Don't ya just hate when you have to think about what to eat?  No one wants the same thing, you don't have the groceries, blah, blah, blah...Every Sunday I sit down and plan all three meals.  Then I make a list and buy.  It saves time, money and garbage.  I totally recommend it.  I also will not be buying sweets this summer.  If they want a snack, they are going to have to make it!  I have fresh fruit, nuts, pretzels and other healthy snacks that they may have, but no junk.  If they want the junk they are going to have to make it themselves!

Are you familiar with Six Sisters?  You will thank me for introducing you to this site if you don't already know it.  I make a lot of recipes from here.  Click on the image to get the link.

Below is another cool idea.  Especially, if you have some not so nice fruit sitting in your basket that keeps attracting those pesky fruit flies.  It is hooked up to an instructional tutorial.

Lastly, is some more outdoor activities for the kids.  We all know how important it is to get our kids outside.  Most kids do like nature, but grudgingly admit to it.  We plan on camping in our own back yard and roasting marshmallows on the BBQ.  We will talk about the things we see, hear and smell at night.  It's a real treat for them!  When they crash, we sit in our lawn chairs with a chilled glass of rose wine.  Hehehe....

I hope this edition of The Cherry On Top will be of help.  If you have any more tips for us, leave them in a comment.  

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  1. just love all these ideas for young and older
    kids Keep up the great work and we will reap the rewards haha!!!!!