Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Hybrid Gift From Boutique Cute Dolls

Happy holidays!  Thanks for stopping by The Cherry On Top.

Yay!!!  I'm teamed up with Boutique Cute Dolls this week.   We've got a super hybrid project for you!  Hurry!  Grab your scissors, glitter and goodies because you won't want to miss out on this one!

It's what's pictured below.  Just click on the image and download.  Then come back here and see how I put it all together and pimped it up.  Place a photo of the gift receiver in each designated space.  When the gift giving is over, get all of the tags together, fasten and give again!

Here's is ideally how it looks.

Cut out your tags, after printing them on decent card stock.  Maybe something with a nice underside or adhere them to scrap card stock that matches, like I did.

Get some of your favourite embellishers and get set!

I simply dabbed a few drops of glitter glue to get a splash of bling and dimension.

Plop on a few pearls for some serious pizazz!

Just one drop of glitter glue and a rhinestone.  Bingo!

Dress it up even by more adding ink.  Simply rub it over the area you want.

Use a deep dark brown ink for a more antique look.

Don't forget to ink up the back.

As you can see, I've punched a small hole in the right corner of each tag.  Make sure there are no embellishments in the way!

Use a small ribbon to attach the tag to your gift.

Then keep a long ribbon handy.  For this is what you can use to string them all together, like I did here, below.  You could use a ring or long pin brad.

(The printable FREEBIE is no longer available.)

You can even use it as an ornament on the tree!

Seriously, I had this baby together in about an hour and I'm super stoked with the result.  Thanks to Boutique Cute Dolls for sparing all of these gorgeous goodies!  I used a bit from several different collections to make this.

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Happy, happy holidays!!!