Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Boutique Cute Dolls and ME!!!

A very happy day to crafters and scrappers across the globe!
I made my blogging debut for Boutique Cute Dolls! What an honour working with such a talented designer and design team. 
For my first BCD entry, I talked about Boutique Cute Dolls newest release, “Always Remember” with focus on photos, aesthetic and simple observation. I chose a couple of layouts that high light just what I’m referring to. 
Janyelle has included two photos of what looks like a very special day.The one in the centre, framed, drawing your eye first. The second, taking a back seat, yet its presence also noticeable for its fun and the use of the large bracket. The photos are a huge part of this layout. Not only because we’ve all been to a wedding or have been in one ourselves, but we understand the importance of this very special event. A layout like this is a sweet reminder of the magic of marriage. Is the frame not a symbol of the rings and eternity as well? A subconscious choice? Maybe, but still excellent. Especially, with it’s centred positioning. Creating even more impact with the red flower and contrasting, green bow. Excellent!

Julia created this layout with emphasis on the large photo. Ah, childhood. What a time to remember and what better way than documenting through pictures. Is this not why we scrap? Coupling our memories with craft, design, art. What a fantastic way to express ourselves and through diverse media as well. Going back to the layout. The large photo is definitely an attention grabber, but the framed, contrasting, coloured picture also draws your eye. A good layout should draw the viewers eye around the page. These layouts definitely do that. Julia has chosen three focal points. The last being a super, duper stacked layer, right dab in the centre. Perfect! I told you these ladies were good!

Let’s look at Ellen’s layout next. Where is your eye drawn and why is it drawn there? The frame, the picture its location? Bingo! Centering our layouts is very often a preference and we may at times try to fight it, but sometimes it just turns out perfect by doing so. I love looking at pictures and cherish old pictures, too. Ellen has this same appreciation. Not only did she frame what we are supposed to be focusing on, but she also placed the photos on the apex of her layering. Wow! Have you ever even thought to analyse a layout like this? How else do you learn and become the ultimate scrapper?! Hehehe…I’ve only been scrapping over a year, but through observation and just playing around, I’ve come along way, Baby and so can you, by scanning layouts with an observing eye.

Of course you don’t always have to have photos. An awesome grouping with word art can have a lot of impact as well as a knockout layout with a beautiful sentiment or words of encouragement. Your work doesn’t have to be perfect or as good or better than someone else’s. What matters most is that you have fun doing it.

Here is my layout with "Always Remember" from Boutique Cute Doll (FB).  OK, the layout is pretty cool and a bit intricate, but that photo!  That photo!  My friend, Cormac is quite the photographer.  I cannot take such a good picture.  To me, this picture steals the show.  

Having fun scrapping is the most important aspect.  There are some rules and science involved, but it all comes natural when you keep doing it and you keep looking into the art of design rather than just "at" the design.

I've got a lot of links if you are interested in Boutique Cute Dolls designs.  Every image is linked up and of course, the purple high lighted words are also linked to the Oscraps store where you can find her lovely kits.

Happy scrapping!  Until we meet again.  I'll be participating in Romajo's blog 12 days of Christmas FREEBIE-A-Thon so stay tuned!

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