Sunday, February 9, 2014

Free Hybrid Card

Good day, my lovelies!

I've got my hybrid card from Paty Greif all printed out and ready.  I want to share with you some tips and my experience with the project.  If you didn't get yours yet, go to my Facebook Page and grab it while it's still there.  My previous blog has a bunch of coordinating freebies.  Head there and get them all!

First, my hubby printed this out on a different printer and boy, is there a huge difference!  Mine is so dull and this one is just brilliant.  So printer quality is huge!

I highly recommend using card stock to print these out.  However, if you don't have any it's no big deal at all.  These were printed out on regular paper and they look great, but the rigidness of card stock will make your project not only more durable, but it will have a better quality to it, too.

Here's the deal with the 3D effect.  You have to really like fussy cutting!  I do!  I do!  I think the card looks great either way, but that little shot of dimension gives it something extra!  So, I have a bright more vivid and colourful card with no dimension and a more dull, yet dimensional card.  Hehehe...At least you have choices!

I hope you enjoyed this project.  Share it with your friends!  Thanks for stopping by.  Make sure to do it again.

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