Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Paty Greif FREEBIE Mania!

Welcome back to The Cherry On Top!

I'm here again, already with a bunch of new FREEBIES, but first you'll have to look at all of the pretty pictures!  Hehehe....  Paty Greif is such a talented, fun designer.  See her newest collection, "Applemania".  It is an absolute blast working with these kits.  Scroll further for my layout inspiration and many awesome FREEBIES.  Print them out and get cooking or make something lovely for a friend who likes to bake.  That's what I plan on doing!




Each preview is connected with the store.  Click on them and get zapped over so you can take a closer look.  Your recipe book will be so cute when use the whole bundle!


I just kept on going with this kit.  There is so much and it's all so beautiful.  I couldn't stop!  Here's my boy and a few favourite shots of him.

Here are a few of my own baking successes.  I am a kitchen queen!

Here's me and my hubby having a great time at Katuit.  That's a yearly parade here in Dendermonde, Belgium.  You may not want to know what we are eating...Hehehe...

TIP:  Now, lets start hop'n around and downloading at least 9 FREEBIES!  I'll be joining you, too.  I want to make a mini cook book as a gift for a friend who also loves baking.  I plan on printing them out, punching a hole in the top, left corner and using a metal ring to bind them together.  I like putting ribbon all around my rings.  When I have it finished, I'll post a picture.

Here's Paty's FREEBIE.  You can find it over on her Facebook Page.  This image is linked up to take you there directly.

This is one of my contributions for this hop around.  I love these apple brownies!  My neighbour works at an orchard and brings me pears and apples all year round.  Yay!  I trade him for berries and eggs.  I love that!
 My receipt

Here's another contribution from Marcelle.  Click on the image and grab her FREEBIE!


Theresa made this recipe card for you.  You may download it right from here! Simply click on the image and it's yours.

 T's card

This is another one of mine.  You will have to hop to my Facebook Page, The Cherry On Top and become a fan to grab it.  Believe me, it's worth it.  I post tons of FREE stuff, daily over there.


This one is Anita's.  You can download directly from here.  One click on the image is all you need to make this baby yours!

 Anita's recipe

We also have some lovely word art for you!  This also from Theresa!
 T's Word art
 How about this gorgeous quick page from Maryse?!  So beautiful!


Susanna also has a fabulous quick page for you.  When you click on the image you will also get a download, but without this little beauty in it.  Hehehe...

 sanka qp

Was this NOT an excellent hop around?!  The best way to say thank you is by sharing our links and having your friends come and visit our blogs and Facebook Pages.  Leaving comments is great, too.  Otherwise, we don't know that you like or download our goodies.  The way to get more goodies is to tell us how much you love them!

Thanks so much for stopping by The Cherry On Top!  Be sure to do it again!


  1. AWESOME Job LIsa! Thanks for the freebies!

  2. Wow! I am overwhelmed by all the deliciousness here. Thanks to everyone for the gorgeous freebies!

  3. Felicitaciones por tan hermosos diseños!!
    Viva Brasil!