Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week #11 TCOT's Menu Planner

Here we are again, with another fabulous menu for next week!

After asking dozens of people, most said they do make lists, but only a few admitted to sticking to the list.  Most people bought a few things that were not on the list, but needed and only a few admitted to winging it!  Hehehe...  Also, there were quite a few comments about forgetting their lists.  I see I am not alone.  LOL!

My hubby and many men that I asked, admitted to being terrible with a list, lists or buying sensible stuff.  I dread sending my hubby to the store.  Although, he does come home with things I would never buy, but love to eat.  LOL!  I let him be the naughty one every now and then.  He says he likes to shopping, but not often.

I actually enjoy grocery shopping.  My list is great for staying on budget.  I never put junky stuff on the list, so we eat better because of it as well. If I really want to give the boys cakes and cookies, then I have to make them.  That is not only a lot healthier, but a whole lot cheaper.

Do yourself a favour.  Make a list, try to stick to it and see how much hassle, time and money saved.  Not to forget, how much healthier you will eat.

Let's get down to business!

Monday: Chicken Parmesan Baked Pasta 


The only thing I would change is the first part with processing the tomatoes.  No way!  Not me!  Way too many dishes and just unnecessary, but that's just me.  You choose.  Otherwise, the recipe is really, really easy and sounds delicious, too!

Tuesday:  Teriyaki meat balls


I can tell you right now, this is gonna be awesome.  The recipe is just perfect.  You might not like making your own meatballs.  It's a tad bit time consuming, but totally worth it.  You will not have better store boughten, but it is an option if you have to save time.  The sauce is so easy to make.  So that will save you time.  My kids and nieces love to make meatballs.  So, if you consider some slave labor, you might have some fun in the kitchen.  Hehehe...

Throw these meatballs over some cooked rice from the rice cooker or steamer or over some fun Asian pasta.  Either egg noodles or rice noodles.  Mmmm...

Wednesday:  Meat-starch-veg

You choose.  Do you have left overs?  Do you want tonight to be the night you bring home something from the deli or the Italian delicatessen?  If not, then consider a decent a steak to throw on the grill pan.  They grill up really fast.  3 minutes on each side depending on how you like it done.  Maybe some homemade mashed potatoes with gravy or yummy baked potatoes with delicious sides.  Then steam up some of the families favourite veggies or make some that you can put along with the potatoes.  How about some corn on the cob or cooked carrots or peas?  You might surprise yourself, just how fast it is to make an entire meal, from scratch! After a couple months practice it should take about 20-30 minutes from start to finish to make most of the meals I've got here.  Especially, if you have a good stove!

Thursday:  breakfast for supper

I love breakfast so much!  One of my favourite meals is pan fried potatoes, with eggs broken into wells, then topped with cheese and bacon.  OMG!  Delicious!  Add onions, garlic, scallions, mushrooms, whatever other (not too juicy veggies).  Cover and wait until the eggs are the way you like them.

The above is not hooked up to recipe because I couldn't find one, darn it.  Take any kind of diced potato you like.  I use frozen when I don't feel like making fresh ones.  Sautee them in butter with onions and garlic if you like.  Cook until nearly finished, then make wells in the potatoes and crack in the eggs.  Cover with some cheese and sprinkle with some cooked bacon if you like.  I put a lid over it so that eggs are cooked well.  Keep the heat low or you'll burn the bottom.  Season as you like and depending on the topping you use, not too much salt if any.

Fun Food Friday:  fish taco bowl


I've got rice on tap for tomorrow, so I won't serve this with rice, but feel free to change up these recipes so they fit your schedule.  I'lll be just putting this in a soft shell tortilla and having the lovely taco sides, all set up buffet style for the family to make their own!

Saturday:  Yum Yum rice dish


Now, all of this sounds great and it is the weekend, so you could do the sauce like they suggest.  I'd skip it, though.  I rarely ever stick to recipes.  Hehehe...I want to make it as easy as possible and with less dishes.  I would add some bouillon granules to the dish and just throw the cheese over the mixture until it is melted.  It won't take long at all.  Also, with bacon AND cheddar, you won't need any salt in there!

Sunday:  beef stew in the slow cooker


I make a very similar dish to this one.  Yay!  Use all fresh ingredients folks.  Stay from all of this canned soup and bag soup mixes.  Ugh!  Not good!  This one is a classic that the family is sure to love.  Everything gets chucked into the slow cooker.  Put it on in the morning after breakfast and have a relaxing day with a fantastic meal!  You hardly have to do a thing!  Now, that's my kind of cook'n!  Hehehe...

I hope you enjoy the menu this week.  

We will see ya next Sunday for the next one!  If you have some menu suggestions, leave them here in the comments.  I could sure use some more Fun Food ideas!  We eat tons of pizza on Fridays!  It's all of our favourite!

Thanks for hanging with the cherries!

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