Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekly Menu Planner #15

Welcome back to The Cherry On Top's Weekly Menu Planner!

I'm probably sitting in Spain right now, sipping on some lovely sangria while enjoying the view of the pools, ocean and mountains.  Finally!  We haven't been on this kind of vacation in years and having two boys with Autism makes life a little tougher.  So, this vacation is well in need.  Hehehe...

I'm writing this one up early and set'n the schedule to post while I am away.  I'll cross my fingers that it works.

Let's get started!

Monday:  Caprese Salad With Grilled Flank Steak

This is an awesome recipe.  I love salads like this.  Use your grill pan and the steak will be ready in minutes.  Mozzarella is so yummy and will fill the tummy, too!  This recipe is easy to whip up and of course, really good for ya, too!  Click the picture to get the recipe.  It's ready fast and don't worry that there is no starch.


Tuesday:  fish, starch, veg

This is a way too, easy tilapia recipe for you.  Ready in mere minutes!  I love that.  Now what do you want to make with it?  I say, get the steamer ready.  Add some fresh green beans and rice or some small potatoes and steam away while you prepare the fish and set the table.


Wednesday:  meat, veg, pasta

This here recipe is a pasta primavera with Italian sausage.  Click on the image to get hooked up.  I love all the veggies in here.  Feel free to switch some out or puree the ones that the family isn't so keen on.  If spicy ain't yo' thang, than leave it out.  I think chicken in this dish would be awesome!


Thursday:  flex day

Feel free to bring some hoagies tonight.  Give yourself a break from the kitchen or if you wanna stay true to the home cooked menu, then I would like to introduce you to this dish.  My mom made this as well.  There are so many variations you can use as well as cooking methods.  I thought it would be a great basic recipe for you.  Most people love this Polish Style, Kilbasa.  Throw it in the crock pot and it's ready for when ya get home or cook it all up in the pot.  The sausage cooks really fast.  Just the potatoes would need some time, but were are talk'n 20 minutes here and it's ready.  (As for the water they say to add, it's fine, but make sure ya put some bouillon in it.  Just watch for the salt content because sausage usually has all the salt you need.)


Fun Food Friday:  It's the 4th of July today!  You are probably going to be heading out or hosting your own picnic!  I'd say that's all up to you!  I will give you this awesome link for festive fourth food.

4th of July recipes

Saturday:  flex

I'm keeping this a flex day because you will probably be having a lot of left overs.  If not, I'll hook ya up with an awesome sandwich recipe just in case.


Sunday:  Cajun Dirty Rice with Shrimp

I am totally looking forward to this recipe!  I loves me some dirty rice, nah!  Shrimp ain't the cheapest thing in the market. So feel free to replace it with chicken or fish.  I buy frozen shrimp. It's cheaper.  When I'm ready to cook, I soak the frozen babies in some hot tap water.  They thaw in just a few short minutes.


OK!  Off to go pack!  You go and get your shopping list together.  Make plans to come back for next week's menu planner.

Have a great, healthy eating week!

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