Monday, July 28, 2014

#19 Weekly Menu Planner from TCOT

Welcome to the 19th week of The Cherry On Top's menu planner!

Planning your meals ahead of time saves, time, hassle and money.  You'll also stay away from those restaurants which will help you lower calories and preservatives.  We've come to a point that we cook so well, restaurant food isn't so yummy any more and we are saving the big bucks!

Another tip:  Make the family drink water with dinner if you're not doing this already.  After a while, everyone gets used to it.  Water is essential to health and can help you in numerous ways.   Especially, if you want to lose weight.  Stay away from sugary drinks as much as possible.  A nice, sweet tea at lunch won't hurt.  I HAVE to drink bottled water or I add lemon, lime or mint to tap water.

Let's dive into this week's meals!

Meatless Monday:  Portabello, Veggie Lasagna

This is SO easy!  If you feel it's not enough, then bring some fresh French or Italian bread home and dip it in the sauce.  Mmmmm...It looks fancy, but the directions are really easy!  If ya just can't go without meat, put a slice of ham in-between!

 vegetarian lasagna recipe

Tuesday:  Fish, rice and veg

Bake or boil some fish.  Don't ruin it by throwing it in the fryer!  Go back to last weeks or other previous menu's for more fish recipe ideas if you need them.  I'm supplying you with a copy cat, lime rice recipe.  So easy, convenient ingredients and made very fast.   Try to stay away from long grain rice, but if it's all ya got, then go for it.


Wednesday:  spaghetti

I just made some spaghetti today for lunch and my son said, I had to make it again this week.  So, here it is.  I've also supplied you with a slow cooker recipe!  Come home from work, cook your FRESH pasta, that'll only take 5 minutes or less, set the table and BAM!  I've read in a cook book, that you never have to cook your meat before you put it in the crock pot and frankly, I'm pleased with that.  It saves time, energy and DISHES! (I've got a couple other recipes in other entries.)  Of course, you can always go meatless, again.


Thursday:  pulled pork or chicken

It's as easy as dumping in your choice of meat over some sliced onions and pouring over your favourite bbq sauce over the top and turning on the crock pot.  You can choose a nice toasted kaiser, tortilla wraps, pita or just toast.  I'd whip up a quick raw veggie tray with the family's favourite dressing for dipping.  Olives, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers are the fastest veggies to prep.


Fun Food Friday:  Super Nachos

Yeah, Baby!  I love nachos.  Use chicken, shredded beef, bacon, hamburger...whatever you like.  Lay your chips on a baking tray, pour over your cooked meat of choice and add any topping you like.  This is another meal ready in no time flat!  Follow the recipe below for a twist on nachos.


Saturday:  grilled cheese, please

Make a regular grilled cheese or add ham or tomatoes or...try out this recipe.  My boys are gonna love it!  I think it'd be great as a quesedilla, too!


Sunday:  Swedish Meatballs

Ha!  I love Swedish meatballs.  This is exactly how I make them, too!  Make some time for in the kitchen on the weekend if you can.  The kids love helping make the meatballs, believe it or not.  Serve over fries, boiled potatoes, egg noodles...the choice is yours.


Another week, down the hatch!  Thanks for taking a peek.  If ya have any suggestions, add them to the comments and make sure it's constructive!  Hehehe...

Enjoy your week and see ya on Monday!

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