Sunday, July 20, 2014

TCOT's Weekly Menu Planner #18

Welcome back to another, fabulous, weekly menu planner.

Isn't planning menu's great?!  Save time, money, hassle and eat healthier.  So, here's what's on tap for this week!

Meatless Monday: polenta with veg...

It's a holiday here for us and we'll be whipping up some BBQ!  Ribbs, polenta and corn on the cobb.  Feel free to have the same or bring home some rotisserie chicken after a hectic Monday.  You may want to have some fish with your polenta and corn if you don't want to break out the grill.  I love polenta.  It's a great potato substitute.  Here's a recipe you may want to try.  Polenta is VERY EASY to make!  Add hamburger to your tomato mix if ya gotta have your meat.


Tuesday:  slow cooker stoof vlees

What is that?!  It's basically beef stroganoff, belgian style.  They don't add the cream, but dark beer!  Ya got to let it set for hours.  That's why the slow cooker is the best!  Just dump all of your ingredients in the pot, turn it on and head off to work.  When ya get home all ya have to do is set the table!  Alternative:  If ya have the few minutes, chop up some fresh garlic and onion in the chopper.  You could leave the garlic whole and onion sliced if you plan on cooking for 8 hours or more.  Instead of water, use a dark beer!  Just make sure your mix is just covered with liquid.  If you prefer it creamy and with out beer, then add some sour cream to it when ya get home and let it all warm  through and serve.


Wednesday:  Meat, Veg...Flex

Flex day for left overs or take out.  Consider the healthy choice of staying in and enjoying some baked fish, rice and steamed green beans.  I always recommend a rice cooker.  When the rice is finished, I put in a nice pad of butter and one of those jellied bouillon cubes and stir.  Yummy and fast!  Of course, baked, steamed or grilled fish are your healthiest choices.

This image is all hooked up to a great, fast and easy, baked fish recipe.  You probably have all of the ingredients at home, already.  If ya don't have fresh lemons, use the stuff in the bottle!  Always keep that stuff on hand. 


Thursday:  Fast Fajita Salad

Man!  You are gonna love this one!  Made in minutes, fresh and just might turn out to be a family favourite!  Click on the image for the really easy recipe.


Fun Food Friday:  wings

My hubby is bugging me for wings, again!  I serve them up in traditional, American style.  Raw veggie platter with either ranch or blue cheese dressing and some fries!  Delicious!  The kids are starting to come around to them as well, but I leave off the hot sauce.  There are so many fabulous hot wing recipes out there, but we simply deep fat fry the wings in the frier, while on the stove, we melt butter and add Texas Pete hot sauce.  Then flip the wings all in the sauce.  That's it!  I'll hook ya up with another recipe.  There are actually, two different recipes here along with a dressing recipe, which I always recommend.  Make it yourself!  It's way better in flavour, you can make it like YOU like it and it's ready in mere minutes.


Saturday:  sushi

Not your thing?  Throw a pizza in the oven or consider a fishy steam up!  Place your fish, potatoes or rice and veggies all in the steamer.  Finished quickly, really easy and healthy as all get out!

I like making my own sushi.  The grocer makes it easy by having kits and some lovely fresh fish all ready for sushi making.  I can also buy fresh sushi all ready to go.  That's what I plan on do'n!  hehehe...Here's a pretty easy recipe if want to endeavour the ride.  My hubby loves to make his own sushi.  If ya love prepping stuff and really enjoy cooking, then this is for you!  You can always use canned tuna or cooked shrimp.  It doesn't HAVE to be raw.


Sunday:  chicken alfredo

People!  I am drooling over this one.  This is cajun style!  Wow!  Absolutely fabulous. 


All of the images are hooked up with brilliant recipes for your convenience.  Thanks so much for hopping over and I hope you're able to use theses recipes sometime.  Let me know if ya do!  Have a great week!

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