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Ideas For Multiple Photo Layouts From The Cherry On Top

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A member from a fan club I'm in commented how difficult it can sometimes be to come up with ideas for multiple photo layouts.  I couldn't agree more and thought right away, that I'd come up with a helpful blog.  If you would also like to be a member of that fan club.  You can request to join here:  (It is from A-Manda Creation.)

Why multiple photo layouts?

One, photo layouts are great for featuring a particular photo.  When you really want that photo to stand out and be on it's own.

For both traditional and digital scrappers, multiple photo layouts are great for saving pages.  If you eventually want to print out your book, then you'll save a lot of cash by using multiple photo layouts. When paper scrapping in a traditional scrapbook, you only get a couple of pages and if you insert too many extra pages, your book isn't very balanced and it's difficult to close, if you can close it at all.  Yes, I'm guilty of this, too.

Kit from Paty Greif Digital Designer.

You may only have a couple of pictures of a particular shoot and perhaps the quality of pictures or picture isn't all that great.  So you don't want too much focus on it.  Then multiple photo layouts would be great here.

 Kit from A-Manda Creation

Kit From A-Manda Creation

Keeping balance is probably the most difficult task.  Next, being cropping and sizing multiple photos to fit just right on your page.  Of course, a double paged layout would be a great escape, too.  When you are traditionally scrapping, you need to get that crop right the first time.

Kit from A-Manda Creation

Consider a template with multi photo options like the one above from Lissy Kay Designs.

I wanted to show off as many pictures as possible of the stunning views from the Penon in Spain.  Of course, I could never leave off embellishing.  So, I used a couple of smaller titles in the form of word art.

Kit from Amanda Creation

One more huge shot with that awesome view and some smaller photos showing the treacherous journey.

Kit from A-Manda Creation

Let's take a look at some more examples of multiple photo layouts.  The Cherry On Top on Pinterest has many more examples you can check out as well.  I've Pinned examples, templates and even FREE templates with multiple photo usage.

Frame up your favourite photos of family.  Consider the balance in this layout.  The clusters and word art help keep the symmetry.

Kit from the Master Scrapper Challenge

Then you have an insane amount of photos like this digital scrap, which was a real blast to make and we received a lot of nice comments, too.  Not only did we have to use a ton of pictures, but we also had to do a lot of journaling with this Master Scrapper Challenge. Shoo!  It really took a lot of tweaking to get it just right.

Here are some traditional scrap examples with extreme photos.

Go squares or circles.  I found the circles were much more forgiving and more flexible.  That layout above took forever.

And now for something really awesome. I'm leaving you with some free multi photo templates that are offered around DigiLand for the moment. They are certain to inspire.

Happy scrapping!

 free template

 free template download

 free template

Thank you for hanging out with The Cherries.  Feel free to visit older blogs with more freebies.

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